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NEW Erectile Dysfunction Treatment That Lasts – Agenixs Chicago

NEW Erectile Dysfunction Treatment That Lasts – Agenixs Chicago

All right guys, let’s talk a little bit about
what’s important to all of us guys. How good are our hard-ons? How good are our erections? Let’s be serious, as we get older, a lot of
stuff happens that makes us lose our libido and lose our erections, so that we don’t have
it like we did when we were 18 years old. We’re under a lot more stress. We get a lot more sleep. As we age, our hormones decline, our testosterone,
which gives us our libido, starts to fall. Our cortisol – which makes us stressed and
fat, it keeps us from sleeping — it starts to elevate. We get heavier, we’re not getting enough sleep,
and we’re not exercising enough. All these things compound to cause microvascular
disease in our penis, which causes an increase in blockages and plaques, which make our erections
less strong than they were when we were 18, 19, 25. So what do we do about that? How can we actually address this? When you’re addressing erectile dysfunction
and when you’re addressing libido, let’s be clear that we’re really talking about the
same thing here. We’re talking about what’s your hormonal level
doing, what’s your physical state of well-being doing, including how much of the plaque build-ups
you have, getting in your arteries. We know that by the time you’re 18 you’re
already starting to develop heart disease. Which means that if you have disease happening
in the arteries around the heart, you have disease happening in the penis. It’s the same thing. Typically guys come into Agenixs to see us
because they have problems with their erections and their libido. We check their hormones to make sure that
all their hormones are in balance, but we are getting to the point where we know that
we have to address the erectile dysfunction because we have some build up of plaques in
the penis itself. There is a new therapy out there — it’s
new in the United States — it’s been around for 15 years, it’s called GAINSWave, which
is pulsatile acoustic sound waves that we apply to the penis itself. What that does is break up all the plaques
in the penis and increase the vascular flow and the abundance of the fluid, so that you
actually get a harder, better erection, very similar to what you had when you were in your
twenties — given that we balance everything else in your life. This is one of the most effective therapies
that I have ever used. Remember, Viagra is a $2 billion industry
right now, per year, trying to treat guys who have problems with plaque build up in
their penis, instead of going to the direct cause and treating this build up with the
GAINSWave therapy. This therapy is 20 minutes, 2 times a week,
for 3 weeks. What this does is return your erection back
to where there were to when you were 20 or 25, so you don’t have to take a little blue
pill 20 minutes before an erection. You get morning erections, better, harder,
and firmer. Our success rate is over 87% with our guys
who have moderate disease. Further than that, we have other therapies
including P-shot, which is plasma rich platelet injections into the penis, and even other
therapies which are injections that give you better hard-ons. We specialize in helping guys maintain and
optimize their health, as well as maintain and optimize their erections at Agenixs. Give us a call or check out our website and
come on in and let’s see what we can do to make you stronger, better, more vital, and
more vigorous in your life. Thanks much.

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