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Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy – documentary short

Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy – documentary short

I was in Ibiza on holiday I was walking up into the bedroom and I went over on the bed When I came to,
I had lost my voice completely and I was paralysed
down the right hand side totally I had occupational therapy
and physiotherapy to help me re-learn everyday things There’s a lot of fear that
comes with some of these conditions they just come out the blue and you’re working with a service user at the most crucial points in their recovery Getting from the bed to the toilet Being able to get outside and enjoy a bit of the outdoors Things that seem quite simple actually but when you’ve got a condition like stroke,
are incredibly hard My occupational therapist helped me
learn to do everyday tasks like getting in and out of the bath again I was very motivated I think From the minor things of just
picking up a pen again, eating again that is such a huge thing of gaining independence My physiotherapist taught me to walk The relationship I developed up with her was one of the most important
relationships in all of my life I come to UWE Bristol and talk to the students about my experiences with my
physiotherapist and my occupational therapist I’m Vicky Baldy and I’m a third year
physiotherapy student at UWE Bristol I was a personal trainer doing sports massage and I thought I really wanted to go that extra mile How can I help someone more? Jenny was really inspirational when she came in Seeing her that day for the first time made me think “this is why I want to help someone just like Jenny” I’m Jamie Grant I’m a second year
Occupational Therapy student at UWE Bristol I see a real range of options for
any potential Occupational Therapist We can go into mental health,
we can work in a prison in a school, in a hospital Occupational therapy is definitely the career for me

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