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Pain Rehabilitation Center at Mayo Clinic Changes Teen’s Life – Breanne’s Story

Pain Rehabilitation Center at Mayo Clinic Changes Teen’s Life – Breanne’s Story

Breanne Spence was an active teenager until everything changed when Unbearable chronic pain ruled her world a disturbing diagnosis of Crohn’s disease put life on hold for Brianne and her family She became almost a stranger in her own home I got sick right after I turned 13 with Crohn’s disease my mom and my dad took me to Phoenix Children’s Hospital I remember being in the room with my parents hearing the word Crohn’s not knowing what that meant I remember being in the elevator with them after the appointment and they just had this look of devastation Like they knew nothing was gonna be the same anymore It was like we had a member of the family that was living here, but not existing with us Hope finally came in the form of the Mayo Clinic pain rehabilitation center in Phoenix, Arizona The program teaches patients how to refocus to identify what brings them joy such as family volunteering or hobbies Everyone that comes to our program does have chronic pain And their their pain is real Sometimes the pain has a diagnosis with not a cure That’s often the case and sometimes we’re more certain what the pain is not contributed to But we know that their level of functioning and quality of life is pretty poor. So a chronic pain rehabilitation approach Actually focuses on how to restore a person’s functioning and the roles in their life and the things that they value the most Breanne focused on stretching Exercise and getting stronger as well as learning to do things in moderation and along the way her family unit became a key component of her health journey we learned about pain Behaviors which Opened my eyes to the things I was doing that I never really realized I was doing as a coping mechanism that maybe wasn’t healthy. We learned how to eat properly how to Let go of things and let go of the past that you can’t change it. Can’t change who you’re going to be just focus on who you are now. I feel like myself, my entire team, we’re in a position of trying to offer hope to our patients who are often quite hopeless and quite Demoralized and we lend that hope and then we start to see the twinkle in their eye return we start to see their family with gratitude just be able to see the changes in their loved ones life and then you can see that graduate start to loan their hope out to other people who were demoralized and Pretty distressed and what pain is contribute to their life? So then we can start to see a ripple effect not only throughout that individuals life, but the ripple effect of hope and Being able to regain their lives again. The pain Rehabilitation Center at Mayo Changed my life. I thank every day for the program and the doctors and the nurses and everyone involved I would recommend it to anyone and everyone who’s having issues with pain and the program just Made me more comfortable with who I am But it’s just such such a night and day turnaround for us that she’s actually part of our family again It’s the Breanne that we had prior to her getting sick For the Mayo Clinic News Network. I’m Vivien Williams

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