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Patient, Scott Bodley Starting the Detoxification-Phase 1.mp4

Patient, Scott Bodley Starting the Detoxification-Phase 1.mp4

by this is scott boldly in uh… this is
june tenth on the second day of the chronic illness impact and intervention detox program of gratitude is
already of uh… courting this is my first day none gorging on the
new diet this morning uh… i’m recording this morning because there was a significant weight loss
after the first chronic illness impact and intervention day uh… during according i went room one
ninety one twenty-four woke up this morning and
weighed one eighty eight uh… there was a good one of us handled
totally and tried to get into bed you know if that means it’s not look it
up online google that leon trotsky is uh… most rose water loss uh… to take a
walk with their she’s feeling different about uh… are her situation today’s for seconded courting uh… she’s at work right now and i didn’t want to start with detox
during work work shifts uh… might show it’s coming up is going to be
uh… tuesday we re-open the restaurant and
now working there for time they lost their station so i’ve been asked to come in and work
full-time which will be very interesting because i’m working
all day on chronic illness impact and intervention um… websites and things like that and was a
student part time so i’m gonna be pretty busy so uh… to set the rest of the road to
open an interesting menus sign-on recipezaar will not be able to try intel and detox six peaks uh… anyway that’s my problem but uh… to depict the midpoint at six pounds
first day it was not it was not difficult at all uh… yet it was a lot of rooms restaurant uh… the one thing that i’ve found
uh… was there was a little bit a hunger for me uh… but the one thing that i found was
the fact that it was happening all the sudden i feel a little twinge
and it would be like all let’s go whitman can fire at the sandwich because there’s no
cards on this first three weeks i have to stick style
so there was a little psychological game going on yesterday morning to get worse
is that when i’ll admit it uh… it was all strictly haven’t either two or three
p_m_ the night was uh… here and i watched a movie i had done done done eating he had popped one uh… popcorn freak anna but i couldn’t have any and then
uh… i made some chocolate lucerne sourceone for visitors about a week ago for last
week’s use your dad’s name it’s chocolates and there was little left
over i couldn’t have that either or and i can make agreements but but you know it is with us so uh… tomorrow triple-a significant again the minded but that you know chronic illness impact and intervention but uh… in basically again the first things
happen uh… you use haven’t arvin group uh… so it’s just a mental game for me right
now uh… there’s gonna be different we’ll
see what happens with her as she started exploring that’s all i have right now uh… great first day of the lost six pounds
with not dramatic timing salado weight but it’s not i don’t feel unhealthy habit that i i
can feel the detects going out of the things are coming out of my pores taking a few extra showers but uh… and nothing physically wrong or aggressive for distressing for hurting style anyway uh next video next day or so possibly
tomorrow and underweight chronic illness impact and intervention but so far so good really hasn’t been
too much stuff you have it’s going to the fridge so talk to you soon dynamic questions you told me to uh… dr site medicine foundation that work or dot com story

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