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– Ready? One, two… – And three. (instrumental music) – [Mark] My name is Mark Hay. I am the founder and managing director of The Guardian of Health Clinic for bio-individual and genetic wellness. We provide both open
system and colon system of colon hydrotherapy, which are done by certified
hydro colon therapists. – Colon hydrotherapy
is very gentle therapy, where we cleanse the colon through a process of hydration. Not only it cleanses the colon, it hydrates it and it oxygenates it. – [Mark] Colon hydrotherapy helps by improving digestion,
reducing constipation, reducing bloating and gas,
speeding up metabolism, increasing someone’s energy and vitality. – I am Jackie, and I’m here getting my first colonic. And honestly, I’m a little terrified. – Doing a little research, I saw the health benefits. It’s kind of an intimidating
process, I guess. – When you’re gay, the cleanliness of your
butt is very important. I wanted to get one ’cause it’d be a cool way to lose some quick weight. It’s probably not permanent,
I know it’s not permanent. Also I feel like the
cleanliness of your colon is something that everyone
should pay attention to. – We have two systems that we work here at the Guardian of Health. The closed system and the open system. The closed system, we put a speculum inside the rectum. It’s a more, I would say, engaged therapy. The therapist has to be there, in the room, at all times. In the closed system, we are able to see how far the water is traveling inside of the colon. The open system is great, and it has the same benefits. The difference is there’s people that like more of their privacy. If they don’t want the therapist to be there, inside, we can step out. As long as we’re programmating
the machine for them, they can have the colonic there. It’s an unnatural feel because the seed is very similar to the toilet. And the position is more reclined. And it allows for bigger pieces to release from the colon. – So I decided to go
with the closed system, just because I feel like she will be able to assist me more. I really don’t know what to expect. She said that they’re gonna be filling me up with water
and I have to hold it, and I think it’s the idea of pooping in front of someone that
you’ve never met before. – I chose the open system because I think I’ll have a little more control, as well as privacy, and I’ll have the assistant there helping
me out if I need it. I’m afraid of having a leaky butt after this, to be honest. – I’m gonna be doing
the closed system today. I think, during this process, it might be nice to have someone else be in control. Because it’s like a detoxing thing, it’ll be nice to not be able to think and that way I can also detox my mind. Plus, I don’t want to be in control ’cause I don’t wanna turn
the water up too high and then literally make my butt explode. – The water is gonna be going in through this small hose in your rectum. And, it’s gonna be soaking your colon like you see here. Goes in, and it tries to
reach the end of your colon. And it’s gonna be soaking and releasing, soaking and releasing at the same time. What it does is that when
the water’s going in, it starts loosening up the fecal matter. And that’s, as it breaks it down, it releases out of your body. The water that goes inside your colon is actually going through
all the six filters. So it’s basically even
cleaner than drinking water. – Okay. – It’s going to definitely
hydrate your colon. It is gonna oxygenate your colon. – So that’s healthier going in my butt than my mouth, okay. – These are called the speculums. This is the speculum that
is gonna go in your rectum. Even if you compare it to the size of your stool sometimes we have stool that are twice as big as this. – What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen? – Parasites. Like a big
tapeworm coming out. I see parasites all the time. – Would I know if I had a tapeworm? – If you’re definitely infested, they’ll come out right away. Usually, they protect themselves
and they’re very smart, they go all the way here to the middle and the end of the colon to stay there. (instrumental music) – I got through the insertion. (laughter) I am gassy is what we’ve learned. – I’m going to do a
foot massage right now. – Oh, yay. – Okay, so there’s another
tube up there now. Okay. – [Nancy] But not inside you. – Oh, the outside. It doesn’t hurt. I thought it was gonna hurt a lot more. – [Nancy] You can relax your leg. – Oh, okay. (chuckling) – [Nancy] Now water is going in and out, okay Ryann? – Oh, wait. I don’t feel it. I mean, I feel vibrating. Oh. – What I’m massaging is an area in your foot that is connected with your colon and your liver. Okay? – [Jackie] Okay. ‘Cause there are certain
pressure points in your foot? – Yes, exactly. – [Ryann] Oh, whoa! That’s so much poo! – [Jackie] So I just finished. Wasn’t that bad. Yeah. It was just a lot of pressure. But, woo, first one! – We’re just wrapping up with the colonic. I feel lighter. I got through half of my entire colon, so like, there was so much poop that left out of my body. Apparently my stomach’s gonna be flatter, I feel lighter. (instrumental music) – I had a really good first colonic. It was definitely a weird
experience at first. A weird sensation. But after a few minutes, you get used to it and kinda relax. – It was very comforting. Nancy did such a good job easing me through the whole process. I definitely feel less bloated. Had a lot of gas. – Lot of poop that went out of me. It was weird seeing that much (beep) fly out of my body. – I definitely feel a lot lighter now. Kinda less pressure on my abdomen, like the bloating that I had earlier. I think I may have lost a couple pounds that I was hoping to lose. I feel good. – My eating habits definitely
are going to change. – [Ryann] It also does,
honestly feel good. It sounds weird. And it looks weird. But, it feels great. Who doesn’t want a clean butt?

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