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– It’s a place to be. – For everyone? – Yes. (techno music) – Here, we just finished
the big Buddha run. – Feel pretty good. It was hard, but amazing. Everybody that’s coming
here, you gotta do it. It’s awesome. – ♪ Tango by the woman, man ♪ ♪ With everything that you demand ♪ ♪ You could say I had a plan ♪ ♪ Way before I had a fan ♪ ♪ Some would probably call it luck ♪ ♪ I just call it being blessed ♪ (static) – All right, it’s 11:30 in the morning. Day one of our adventures
here at Fitness Street. As mentioned before, we’re staying at Phuket Muay Thai House. A really nice little resort type place, here on Fitness Street,
right on the street. It’s about 262 dollars, Australian
for a week, seven nights. And comes with a really nice pool. We haven’t swam in the pool yet, but that’s what it looks like. So I’ll give you like a little, couple minute tour of this place. And exactly where this place is located in relation to everything
else on this street. Just to give you an idea if
you wanna stay here or not. For your own trip to fitness paradise. But I do recommend, if you’re coming here during the hotter months, especially now, it’s
starting to really warm up. Like it’s just such, it’s
just so humid right now, that all you wanna do after training is just jump in the pool and swim, so. If you can try and get
a place with a pool, you’re not gonna regret it so, that’s one of the reasons why I booked to stay here for a week. So anyway, there’s a
nice little pool there. And, out of interest, if you’re looking at staying
here for a couple weeks, and you need some laundry done. They do laundry here for
about 40 baht for a kilo. So, that’s, you know, two
Australian dollars, right? So, it’s basically nothing. But anyway, this is what it looks like. As we walk out of Phuket Muay Thai House, this is the main street. Fitness Street, I like
to call it, Soi Taied. And this is it. The main entrance. And I’ll show you just how central this place is to everything else. So, I’ll spin you around. Obviously that’s what
the sign is, looks like. You have a supply shop
there called Fight Zone. You have a pharmacy, a tattoo parlour, if you need a tattoo. A nutrition shop. So, a place to buy your
supplements for your Whey protein, and that kind of thing, just
a normal supplements store, is right across the road. Nommy’s frozen yoghourt. The best, by the way. We were there last year. And a physiotherapy clinic. So, if you get knocked
up during your training journey here, there’s
a physiotherapy clinic just across the road, pink sign. And then there’s a pharmacy. Where you can buy like, ointments, creams, Voltaren, like you know, painkillers, your electrolyte powders that
I’ve talked about before. And then CoCoVille just there, is straight down that street. Where we like to go and have
breakfast in the morning to have our oatmeal protein pancakes. And that kind of thing so, yeah it’s a nice little place. And ATM machines are
quite convenient here. Literally just over here. There’s a guy there now,
but I’ll point it to you. So if you wanna get cash out here, there are plenty of ATM machines here. Straight through there. There’s a guy there at the moment. And you can get your cash
out if you need cash out. Also, there is a dive place here. If you wanna do some scuba diving here. For all you divers out there. There’s a scuba diving place here. They do scuba diving
at the Similan islands, which I highly recommend. I was at the Similan
islands about two years ago. And it was just beautiful
diving out there, I highly recommend it. And it costs 2,700 baht for three dives
I think, from memory. 3,700, there we go, for three dives. Anyway, I do wanna show
you the ATM machines. There was a guy there taking money out. But those are the ATM machines here. Taking Mastercard and Visa cards. So, yeah. That’s it guys, that’s Muay Thai House. We’re here for a week. And then this afternoon, we are going to do a group class at Rattachai Muay Thai. So yeah. – ♪ And I’m gonna make
a real change, baby ♪ ♪ Spillin’ pieces, I’m a poet ♪ ♪ Don’t you know it ♪ ♪ I’m the real thing, baby ♪ ♪ And if you don’t make a dollar ♪ ♪ Then I couldn’t make
a real change, baby ♪


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  2. Nice Vlog man, i didnt train Muay thai for quite long time, your video inspired me to start to train again, thanks for sharing

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