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Physical Therapy for a Meniscus Tear | Knee Exercises

Physical Therapy for a Meniscus Tear | Knee Exercises

61 thoughts on “Physical Therapy for a Meniscus Tear | Knee Exercises

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  2. 18 months since arthoscopy for meniscus tear and i still have pain, sometime real bad.
    have click sound in knee joint as well.
    got 3t mri 6 months back, no tear or anything.
    not sure how to heal.

    should i stop jogging, etc.?
    have already stopped playing my beloved tennis

  3. Right now I have a meniscus tear in my knee. I would recommend for others to ice it or search up some other exercises etc. leg extensions or squats.

  4. I'm 35 and decided to go skateboarding on my birthday 10 days ago I took a decent fall didn't have much pain at first but three hours later my knee swelled up and it was hard to walk for a 3 days. the swelling is almost gone now buy still some pain when I try to stand on my tippy toes and sounds like cracking a knuckle when doing a squat but walking is slightly getting easier each day think its worth looking at by a doctor or should I just go ahead with home therapy.

  5. I recently had surgery they just sliced the tear out had 6 weeks off work to recover now 6 months later the pain has not gone after an hour on my feet it swells up the hospital has said I need more physio I also get a lot off pain in the calf muscle on the same leg so frustrating! Has any body else had this ?

  6. i literally cant put my foot on the ground and my doctor told me i wouldnt have surgery so and everytime i do it feels like pins are stabbing my foot what should i do?

  7. i got injured during football match, i dont even know what injury is this. but i find it hard and painful when im straighten or bending my left knee. i cannot even walk properly on the first few days. i tried jogging yesterday but i mistakenly straigten my knee while jogging and it hurts so bad.. and my friend told me to wait until next month to jogging with low risk.. ohhh damn

  8. i got a grade 1 meniscus injury post running and been six months now. Still not healed. pls advise. am doing knee strengthening exercises for last 2 months and icing. how to make it heal quickly

  9. I had an injury in my knee a year back when I was playing cricket and I had severe pain n d subsequent days but the pain has gone away n later, now I get a sound from my knee with minor pain every time I sit & up….

  10. I have pain in three different parts of my knee. One of the locations was hurt previously and it was much worse the first time. (could not walk 100meters for a month).
    Odd thing is that i have never had any kind of swelling and no issues in range of motion(except during the first time i got injured: could not walk up the stairs-only when i walked sideways)

  11. this wasn't very helpful…you only showed 2 of the exercises you were talking about. I need to see exactly what to do…not guess.

  12. I have a really sore feeling above my knee cap, and it's very difficult to stand from seated position. also have a lot of pain going up for down stairs and if I keep my knee in one position for too long. been like this for about 6 months, am fine walking or jogging. then about a month ago it started to click whenever I walk and stand up. is this a meniscus tear? I've been wearing brace but it isn't helping 🙁

  13. im omar i had a meniscus tear last year. and my knee will not blend more then 90 degress angle i did physical therapy for 3 months and it did not work i dont know what to do i cant broke the scar tissue can u please help me.

  14. I can't even fully straighten my knee or fully bend it after my meniscus injury so this doesn't help… I NEED to be able to at least have full range of motion and put a flat foot on the ground by May 31. I injured it 8 days ago. (I have sports tryouts for High school-dance and cheer) And in the next month the ability to do tumbling like standing tucks and back handspring tuck.

  15. I recommend that you only view these thru YouTube and don't watch these at Howcast…the streaming at that site is slow and interrupted every 10 seconds or so. YouTube is preferred. Otherwise, the info is very good.

  16. RICE is probably the worst thing you can do. It's an old method that has been proven to slow down recovery. Ice may help your pain temporarily but it will slow down your bodies natural healing process. I stopped icing and see better and faster results. Also movement is key if possible. You want to increase blood flow to promote healing. Worth looking into.

  17. sir…. i am having grade 1 tear in posterior horn of medial meniscus…. what should i do pls help me

  18. hey guys !!! ı have 2 grade meniscus degeneration,is that possible the repair it? ıf ı do push up does it make stress my meniscus degeneration ? thanks for your answers..

  19. Excellent Video! Excuse me for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you heard about – Dinanlinson Rocky Position Approach (probably on Google)? It is a good one of a kind product for learning how to fix chronic knee pain minus the hard work. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work buddy at last got cool results with it.

  20. why when talking about isometric exercises do you have an image of her squatting? thats eccentric and concentric quads

  21. hye doctor im pain behind the knee down 2cm,and when do side ways I feel pain left inside the knee,can u identify where is my pain???is this miniscuse pain??

  22. hi doctor, i have grade 2-3 tear in posterior horn of medial meniscus 25 days before, my doctor is not saying anything about surgery but my knee is not that smooth and i can feel some sort of detachment while walking. Is it normal? how you see the need of surgery in this scenario? thanks.

  23. hello actually i have a pain in my media meniscus and its little swollen but its not a tear i consulted the physio he said its not a tear so how do i come to know if its a tear and what are the symptoms ? and what is the exercise if its just a pain ?

  24. Even I got posterior horn lateral meniscus tear… I can't bend my knee… I met with an accident 2 months back.. still in bed rest… Can I go to surgery?? Please help me…

  25. @1.12 you mention "isometric exercises for quadriceps and hamstrings" yet have a scene of a lady performing isotonic squats. This could be confusing for people who don't know the difference, as they would certainly not want to start squatting like that, particularly when your "progression" then shows the same person doing low intensity heel slides! Very poorly edited mate!

  26. had arthroscopy surgery 5 months ago for bucket handle tear. I had no pain but couldn't walk well. I had surgery and they removed most of my medial meniscus. Now at 27 I can't run anymore, walking is a challenge, sport is impossible. Avoid this surgery guys!

  27. I have meniscus incision grade 2. Is there a final solution without surgery or pain killer, because a year ago I try pain killers but no result.

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