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Physiotherapist MAY have figured out what’s wrong my Foot Injury (LET’S HOPE)

Physiotherapist MAY have figured out what’s wrong my Foot Injury (LET’S HOPE)

– Mornin’ Trainiacs. Guess who’s ridin’ to work now? – It’s like going on
the first day of school. (chuckling)
– I’m so proud. Okay, bye. Good luck, make new friends. I know Pete. You’re just totally rattled
because she isn’t taking you. We’ll turn NTK into a
triathlete soon enough, we will, just TK. That sounds good, right? Hey TK. For now we’re worried about
turning me into a swimmer, and a better triathlete. (techno music) So one of the benefits to
having your own business is, that you can work and then
workout whenever you want. It’s about just before
11:00 and I’m just starting to get in the workout for the day. I’m gonna be battling water walkers. And one of the downsides
to owning your own business is that you have to work whenever you can. Last night I was working up
until about 8:30-9:00 p.m. This morning I was working at 5:50. It’s still way better than wearing a suit. And I’m not talking about a bathing suit, I’m talking about a suit, suit. Aw, aw, aw, aw. Now we gotta swim, let’s
do it, let’s do it. We gotta be really quick. Do it, do it, do it. Fishing, good. Purpose.
(techno music) Well, I didn’t take a whole
lot of swimmy-swim footage there with the GoPro ’cause
I am in a time crunch right now to get somewhere. Which I will explain. But, there were a heck of a lot
of deck-ups in that workout. A deck-up is when you finish a 50 or 100, or just part of a set and then
you put your hands on deck, lift yourself up, get out. And the idea behind that, and specifically at this point in the season
is, it’s race season. And we gotta be used to
getting out of the water, whether we’re doing a two lap course, where we gotta get out of
the water, run around a buoy, or just a one lap course where we gotta get out of the water and then run. We need to build our body’s ability to basically accept that. So we don’t get our heart rate
shot right through the roof and ruin the rest of the race. And I’m gonna be sore from that tomorrow. I’m diggin’ this rack ’cause like, a nice little, a nice little
you and me quality time work-bench at the back of the vehicle. It’s nice. Now we gotta boogie to physio. I’m gonna make sure
that, this little devil, left ankle is okay for continuing running. It’s a little, a little twingy. A little bit, still. Let’s roll. (techno music) So which ones are your
saying that it might be? Like is it the calf-muscle belly or the? – It’s deep, that’s for sure. – Yeah. – So here’s the sheath here. (techno music) – Well that was a fairly interesting trip to Tony the physiotherapist. So with the foot, heel, Achilles injury, lately, I’ve been running but, it seemed to tighten up,
not when I’m running, but if I sit down, go to
bed, lie down for like… Safety first, pay attention. Lie down for like, even
just seven minutes or so, I’d feel, not pain, but, just be like there’s a
little bit of pressure there. So what Tony did is he’s like, you know when there’s a
little bit of low-level, kind of lingering pain or injury, there’s probably something
that we’re missing. So he’s been treating there mostly. And what he did was, he
started going up the leg, saying like, is there tension there? Whoa, yes! Pressed here, shot me through the roof. And he’s like there, I think we got it. I think you have tightness in your. A physiotherapist will
know what this means. Comment below if you do. Your Tom, Dick and Harry. Sounds gross but it’s
three tendons that go under the muscle bellies of your calves. So I need to beat those up a bunch. And he thinks it will be good. Now I think I know what this is. And you’ve probably seen ads for this on Facebook because they are killing with their ads. Know what it is yet? Hang on. (box rustling) You know what it is yet? You’ll be pumped when you see it. (zipper unzipping) – Oh I know what it is! (groaning) (giggling) – It’s like a Dewalt drill–
– Oh my God! (hand clapping) (massage machine buzzing) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. (massage machine buzzing) The TheraGun, TheraGun. I met these folks down in Kona, they’ve been watchin’ some of my videos. They didn’t send this for
me for keeps unfortunately. But they’re like hey, you
wanna try it out for a month? Let’s try it out for a month. Mel, come on in.
– Yeah! – Muscle tension.
– Shoulders. – Shoulder?
– Yeah. – Where do you hold your stress from me? (laughing)
The everywhere. (laughing)
– Everywhere. (massage machine buzzing) – It’s so much fun. – Oh God. (chuckling)
So excited. – It’s gonna be a good month. (laughing) Gonna play with this for
an hour and then finish up the week with a strength workout. (massage machine buzzing) Mel just saw this. Look what that’s for. Maybe it is for me. Maybe it’s just like a– – Is it on the back or the–
– Place holder. – Oh so they. – So they’re like, hang on
to this for Taren Gasell. I have a last name by the way. – Is it attached? It’s not?
(chuckling) Triathlete. – It’s not Taren? Taren is your last– Oh. – Oh that’s.
– A girl can dream. – Just glue it in place be like. (laughing)
– Sorry! (laughing)
– It wouldn’t come off. I guess we have to keep it. (laughing) – Strength workout now. Oh, are you lookin’ at these? They’re my running manties,
thank you very much. You know you want a pair. All right Trainiacs, if you
aren’t already subscribed, hit that subscribe button below. If you are subscribed and
you dug all of these updates, hit the like button. And if you’re into long
interview podcasts, check out the Triathlon Taren podcast. It is the most review
tri-podcast in the world. Later.

20 thoughts on “Physiotherapist MAY have figured out what’s wrong my Foot Injury (LET’S HOPE)

  1. Waste of money for $600. Sooo many gadgets out there !! I.e.

    I’ve been watching you for a while now Taren and finally I understand why you’re not racing. it’s your foot and why you’re swimming so much !!! I hope it gets better soon. Best of luck. E

  2. I tried arch supports recently. I'm more adventurous, happier, authentic, and more fulfilled in life.

  3. Was at my first triathlon today in South Carolina and a guy was totally rocking your tri kit…he may or may not have also been a ginger. 😁🙌

  4. Why I feel you are waiting for my reply…? 😉 I'll hold my tongue just for now.. buuuuut just sayin' those passive treatments are se long 'effective' as u can have them 24/7…

  5. TAREN, I'm a wannabe triathlete, soon to be marathoner and die hard youtuber(watching). Your video editing and film making skills are awesome, keep up the amazing work. You have a bright future my friend. Maybe someday I will find time to suck it up and stop making excuses about cold water.

  6. Could you give us some details about how to go about getting the new kit? I'm hoping you will make women's kit too…..

  7. Nice tan lines… And, tight calves cause all sorts of issues for me. The joys of being new to running.

  8. I used to have achilles injury. Than I started strechting the foot (!) and the ankle (!!) everyday. Calfs too. Now its gone.
    I used Tom Brady's insight to stay injury free. I recommend: Try it.

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