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Professor George Church visits dept. of Biomedicine

Professor George Church visits dept. of Biomedicine

We have a wonderful collaboration with Lin and Alun – – on pig xenotransplantation – – and how to make pig cells and eventually pigs resistant all viruses – – by changing their genetic code. There are things that we can do in pigs that are hard to do in any other animal – – and they are medically relevant in that we can take the organs from pigs – – and move them into
humans. Now we want those organs to be as healthy as possible – – meaning healthier
than any normal pig or human organ, – – resistant to all viruses, maybe something
we can store in the cold. But for now we’re trying to focus on a
proof-of-concept that we can make them – – resistant to a few viruses or maybe all
viruses. It’s wonderful being here at Aarhus University. We’ve been working together for a while and it’s – – nice to actually visit and see it in the flesh – – in the brick-and-mortar as well. The reason why he is a world-leading scientist is because he is never afraid of challenges – – and also he has his own ideas on what is the right thing to do. With this spirit we can do anything.

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