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Ready 2 Mingle | Original Series | Episode 3 | Self Therapy | The Zoom Studios

Ready 2 Mingle | Original Series | Episode 3 | Self Therapy | The Zoom Studios

‘Don’t forget to subscribe
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to get latest updates from us.’ What happened to the social media
influencers and bloggers list? Yes, ma’am.
– Stop calling me ma’am. Yes, ma’am. The boy from Chandigarh, your ex. We only get intimate on
occasions nowadays. Hey, you want to take a selfie?
– Sure. Yeah, for my Instagram followers. So good to see you.
How have you been? Very well.
Just the same. Welcome to the Tinder ‘lock and
key masquerade singles party’. Woah! The hash tag that’s trending
is ready to not mingle. – I know! Sorry! You know that this thing has
never happened to me before. – It’s okay! How romantic. Morning. What are you doing so
early in the morning? So I’ve come to a conclusion. Shit! Nirav, our relationship has
become stagnant for some time. Both of us know that. I think… …we are just waiting as to who
will address the issue first. So, I’m doing it. What is it? So, I did a bit of research through
some magazines and websites… …and here, I’ve made
a list of these… …couples therapy exercises. This is going to help bring
us closer to each other. Are you doing all this because
of what happened last night? Didn’t happen? No! This has nothing
to do with last night. There are problems
and tensions between us. And we need to fix it. Myra, this is the first time it’s
happened to me and you know that. Okay, this is the first time
and probably the last time! Okay? So, I don’t need all
this from you… Nirav… …this has nothing to
do with last night. This has nothing to do with you. This is about us. Please. I’ll brush and come back. Okay.
Exercise number 1. Let’s tell each other
5 things that… …we like about one another. Easy? Tell me. You start. Okay. I like that… …I like that you’re so
brilliant at your work. Thanks.
– Your turn. I like… …I also like that you’re
superb at your work. That was my point. No, but I mean it.
– Yes, you can’t steal my point. I mean, come up with something
new. – No, but it’s the truth. Okay. You know what? Let’s not
argue. – It is a quality you have. Point taken. I love how you look so good… …in full sleeve shirts. That means, you think
I don’t look good in T-shirts. Nirav, it was a compliment.
Just accept it. I really like how you… …take care of me when I’m sick. That’s very sweet. Thanks. How many are done? Two each. Three more to go. Hmm. So, it took us half
an hour to figure out… …things we like about each other. And the eye contact thing
was also not so bad. But now,
the third and the fun one. Let’s spice it up in the bedroom. Are you sure we aren’t doing this
because of last night? – Stop! Seriously. How about role playing? You know, I’ve
always had a fantasy. Cricketer and cheerleader. Can I come in? Yeah.
– Are you ready? Ooh! Nice. Why can’t I be the cricketer? Don’t be sexist. Nowadays, the women’s cricket
team is all over the news. Come on.
Dance for me. What is this?
– Dance. What about some energy? Wow! Wow! I don’t know.
Is it this… …avatar of yours… …or am I just like, really
turned on right now? I think it’s me. Hey. Don’t hurt me, captain. The captain gets what the
captain wants, cheerleader. I don’t how we’re going to
do it with your helmet on. We’ll figure it out. Okay, okay! That was awesome! Woo! Shall we do the next exercise? What’s the need for exercises now? Why?
– I mean, we just… Wait. You didn’t enjoy it? Of course, I enjoyed it. It was my idea, Nirav. Nirav… …okay. These exercises are not meant
to spice up intimacy… …but they are meant to spice
up our relationship. Do you understand the difference? Can we go ahead?
Okay. So, the next exercise
is that we list… …three things that we wish we
could change about our partner. When will it get over?
– Sorry? No, nothing. Come on, let’s play. Sorry, let’s do the exercises.
– Okay. So… …I wish you were not… …so emotionally closed
and uptight. I wish that you… …could tackle
your problems head on. And I really wish that you… …don’t try to please
everyone in the world. My turn? Yes. I wish that you
weren’t so organized. I wish you were not so controlling. I wish you wouldn’t turn
everything into a project. I… What are you saying? Am I
emotionally closed and uptight? You know,
it took us half an hour… …to say good things
about each other… …and this just took 30 seconds. I’m just saying… Hello?
Yeah. Me? Sure, I’ll be there.
Okay. Bye. Who’s that?
– Naman. Why is he calling you? Keep all the labels
on the third shelf. The Grey Goose goes
on the second shelf. – Yes. And all the empty bottles… Hey, what’s up? You sounded a little different on
the phone. Everything alright? Actually… …she comes here everyday and
sits on the same table. Triple decaf, no foam… …no sugar, no dairy. The drizzle of caramel on top. She orders the same thing everyday. And you think that’s weird? I want to ask her out on a date. Oh! That’s weird. I don’t know what to tell her. How do I do this? I can’t believe, I am
hearing you say this. I mean, in the cold
hearted republic of… …Naman Chhabra, where meeting
a girl…talking to a girl.. …being in a relationship… …all this is such a
waste of precious time. But before I help you… …why me?
– Because you are the best. Nirav is the wost wing man
I have ever had. Dude, how can you not know
what a house concert is? Darn, dude you have come,
get Myra if you like. I am putting the address down,
see you at 5. OK Bye! She comes here
everyday including weekends. This means she is not a student. She is not wearing formals… …she is not a corporate horse. She has a laptop, notebook
and funky stationary. Which means she is a freelancer. You know when I was coming in… …she was working on Photoshop. She must be a graphic designer. Go to her and… …talk to her something
about graphic designing. Just go. I know nothing about
graphic designing. There might be something
on her computer screen. Ask her something
related to that. Go.
– Anything? Yes, just random. Go. Hi. Hi.
– I… …hope you like your coffee? Yes, it’s really nice. So, what’s on your screen? Oh, that? It’s a disposable razor. And that too on discount. I was thinking of
ordering a dozen of these. What do you say? Yes, it’s a great idea. In fact I am myself… …very hairy, but… You should see my back. I’ve got a lot of… It’s quite hairy. In the winter it get’s really… In the summer it is
little itchy, but… I’ll just…
– Yeah. Hair, seriously? So, guys, my next song… …is very popular. It is very close to my heart. I want you all to hear it. It is called ‘Memories’. Whoa! “Memories.” “Memories.” “Memories.” “Memories. Memories.” “Memories.” “Memories.” “Memories.” “Memories.” “Memories.” Hi.
– Hey, how are you? So glad you could make it.
– Where’s Myra? She had some work. Oh, damn. Meet my girlfriends.
This is Nisha. Hi.
– Hi. – And Neesha. Hey.
– Hi. “Memories.” “Memories.”
– He is such a good singer. Look at how much fun
people are having. Yes, it’s a… Lovely! So, house concert… …means, a concert at home. I thought we will go for a
concert with house music. It’s a new concept actually.
I found it on Facebook. The artist is just amazing. I
found him at a house concert. “Memories.” Wow! Whoa!
– Whoa! Cheers! Thank you. Thank you, guys.
My name is Gaurav. And people call me
G-spot with love. And, I will see you in ten minutes. He is amazing, right?
– Yeah. – Hey. You are Nirav from
Ready To Mingle, right? – Yes. I am a huge fan of your parties.
– Thank you, Nisha. I am Nisha, she is… …Neesha.
– Neesha. – Okay. I follow you both on Instagram. Your party ideas are so
amazing and unique, like wow! I think, Myra is behind
those ideas, isn’t she? Well the thing is, Neesha… Well, that would be me.
– It’s… She is Nisha. I am Nisha and she is Neesha.
– Neesha. It’s okay, let’s get a drink. By the way, say hi to Myra, okay?
– Yeah. Please. Will do. He is really cute. Let’s try step 2.
Personal anecdote. Great way to break the ice. For example.
Hi, my name is Myra. You are Naman?
Oh, you run this bar. Actually, even my family
used to run a bar. Grandfather, dad, but… …it didn’t run well because… …everyone in my family are
alcoholics, they guzzle it down. We had to shut the shop, but hey,
it was really nice meeting you. I am so sorry, your
family was an alcoholic. You didn’t tell me.
– Naman. That was just an example. Nobody in my family is
an alcoholic. It’s fine. We’re good. Now go. Yes? I am really sorry. It’s okay. It’s just a razor. You know,
I am allergic to waxing. You know, skin problems? So…
– Psoriasis? Sorry? My uncle, he had a
skin condition. My grandfather also
had a condition. Scleroderma. Chronic. And my cousin, he had
a diaper rash at 15. “Doomsday! Doomsday!” “Doomsday!”
– That’s it! “It’s doomsday everyday!” I will just come.
– Yes. “Doomsday.” Hi.
– Hi. So, you like house
concerts or what? I love them. You didn’t like him
at all, right? He’s nice. Your G-spot
is nice. Heck! Why were you being so
nice to him? You like him, so if
I like him then… …you might like me. Dare or dare?
– Sorry? It’s truth or dare,
with a twist… …where there’s only
dare, no truth. So, dare or dare. Let me think. Dare.
– Good decision. You’re chewing a gum, right?
– Yes. Can you see that man downstairs? Yes.
– You can see him? Yes.
– You have to spit it on him. No.
– Yes! – No! Are you mad, that’s insane!
– I am mad. I’m not going to do it.
– We will enjoy a lot. Come on, what are you
thinking so much for? Come on! Oh Lord, help me.
– He will help you. Come. Oh no! Who was it? I had a haircut day before
yesterday, mad! – He’s going crazy! He’s shouting. Oh no!
– What is this? Listen, I am really sorry.
That… I have got to go. I have to… …run some errands. And buy some veggies. Let’s try one time, okay? I don’t want to do it. Trust me. Trust me, we will do this. Are you sure?
– Yes. Before you go… …please take one of these
Freshmeltz. I don’t want.
– I’m not offering, I’m insisting. Well done.
– Now… Go. Just hear me out. I’m socially awkward. I’m a loner, I cannot
talk to anyone nicely. I’m really nervous
before the girls. And this is not my true
personality what you just saw. My personality is like… …more cover-ups. It’s like whenever I
am talking to women… …I don’t know what happens
whenever I am hitting on them. What? You said, what you
were trying to do? Hit on me? But… …I didn’t feel so. By the way, it is fine. Meaning?
– Meaning, it is fine. So can we meet for
dinner tomorrow? But yes, you should shave… …your back when you come
for dinner. Honesty always helps. You know, Myra…
– Yes. …as long as you are here… …Ready To Mingle
will keep going on. You know, I miss all this? Miss what? Excitement, attraction… …butterflies in the
belly, this honesty. You know,
when everything is new. You want to try even harder. You want to do the right
thing the right way. But after some years
you don’t even care. You don’t care about how you
look, what you say? You’re not thoughtful or romantic,
it’s all darn out of the window. You just, you just are! Come on, you and Nirav
aren’t like that, right? Oh. I wasn’t talking
about me and Nirav. I was… Just generally. Anyway, don’t go
on the date looking… ….like an uncle. Please wear a nice
color t-shirt. Look good, smell good. Oh, no. Hi Zeeshan. Hi. I’m so sorry. I have been missing
your calls all day. I have just had such a
mad, long, tiring day, man. Tell me all about it
when we meet next. Of course, I’m going to
tell you all about it! And I’m really looking
forward to seeing you. I’ll make a plan with you
very very soon, okay? I’ll be waiting.
– Okay. See you soon, bye. Hi!
– Hi! Hi. Come here. I missed you today. I missed you too. Listen, Nirav, one last
exercise is remaining. Can we do that? Yes, we will do that.
What is it? The exercise is that we… …have to say I love
you to each other. I love you. I love you too. We should say it more often.
– Yeah. I love you. Can I ask you something? Are you with me just because… …of Ready To Mingle? No! Are you mad? Of course not! Are you with me for that reason?
– No, of course not. I’ll just…
– Yeah, of course, sure. Go on. When it’s going to be,
the event? Tomorrow evening,
it’s a bicycle ride. Cool, do you have extra passes? Are you sure?
– Yes. So, great. I’ll send you the details
and see you at the event. See you. Nirav! Yeah! Hi! The alleys!
– Wait! Okay. Okay! Listen, I came to meet you.

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