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  1. Our pool got too hot… husband walked around the pool while allowing me to float….for 90 min. I never felt better in my life and haven't since. Weightlessness is awesome.

  2. Omg… Everything that I do when I was swimming (aka just floating and sometimes sleep on water) was a therapy method…

  3. Honestly, im the kind of person who freaks out if its dark or im alone or i can hear myself echo so i would be stressed, like go crazy

  4. Wow. I'm 1:41 in, and it gives me the creeps (just saw him in thsi dark room, on is back in the water). I only can endure darkness and quiet PLUS laying/lying(?) on the back, when I'm about to sleep. This 'be alone with my self' isn't really comfortable for me…?!

  5. Since you don't use supplements, I wonder what do you drink for your gym workout or daily supplements. I don't like taking pills for no reason but at the same time, if I can get more benefits from just taking few pills, I wouldn't mind taking. There are so many options to choose and take for someone who exercise a lot.

  6. This is random but u have the same name as phoebes husband in friends season 10, u should do a friends video. Never mind your real names not mike duhhh

  7. I got really scared when I accidentally did this in the bathtub last year 🤣🤣🤣
    I felt soooooo weak

  8. "should i do this nude?"

    me *to myself*: okay… i have to make it sound like im not thirsty as fuck. you can do this. you can do this. believe in yourself.
    also me: *Heavy breathing * SHOW US THE D!

  9. lmao he talks about Bear stressing him out like he has to wake up in the middle of the night to breast feed him.

  10. Within the first 30 seconds of this video, I thought you were walking down the stairs to a mikvah lol. Jewish men can take a mikvah but it’s usually a bath for women once a month to become “clean” and “kosher”. Anyway, great video!

  11. I remember watching Rhett and Link go into the same thing and the results compared to Mike’s is comedically different.😂
    I am similar to how Mike feels in regards to certain treatments.

  12. I have always wanted to try this; not because I think it is some miracle cure but being a single mom who raised three girls, I cherish the thought of that much peace and quiet for a little while.

  13. Sensory Deprivation Tank?!? That’s what I call my condo! 🤣Interesting video but sounds like a waste of time, water and money—how long do the benefits/positive effects of each session last? If I lived Doctor Mike’s action-packed life, I’d be going there every day and burning through my cash money!!

  14. Decompress your body body and mind now!! Be by yourself and you can do anything. This is one of the most stupid things I heard in my life.

  15. how did i miss this video! anywho, i wonder if i could drown in a float tank??… I can't float in my pool; i sink like a rock (so does my dad but my mom can float..)

  16. We all float down here… 😂🤡
    Well, if you've been super stressed for a long period of time and start doing this… If you genuinely get relaxed and you feel your anxiety levels dropping, I guess it COULD benefit your immune system if your cortisol levels go down. That can lead to better metabolism and lower risk of cardiovascular diseases. But it's not some miracle treatment many of them claim. As for myself with both severe anxiety, stress and hormone based obesity (pcos + hypothyroidism) – I'm still looking for something that could relax me. Tried a lot. What's left? Propofol? 😂

  17. Well there’s one thing that woman is wrong about, if you can conquer being alone you can conquer anything well that’s wrong because I know for a fact believe me, I have a fear of extreme heights and I don’t have a fear of being alone, Can you explain that then

  18. I would PROBABLY panic in there. First of all I’m such a bad swimmer that I would probably find a way to drown in that tiny tank. Also it’s dark, and I would be all alone.

  19. If you pause at exactly in the middle of the second 5:30 you can see the guys face that’s blurred lmao😂

  20. I tried once. The one I went into was an egg shaped capsule. Fully dark and quiet, you go in completely naked. Its amazing. It was really hard to relax at first, but after about half an hour I managed to relax completely and disconnect from physical feelings. Completely awake, but not burdened by any physical sensations. The most relaxing feeling Ive ever had in my life. I managed to reach thoughts and abstractions I never could before. Highly advisable. If you feel comfortable with yourself you will relax. If you dont you will realize that being alone with your cognition is not so bad after all. Maybe if you have panic attacks or some mental issues it may be scary, but otherwise its really beneficial experience.

  21. Play the speed at 0.25X and try pausing the video at the right moment around minute 5:30 to see the guy’s face. Lol

  22. They should sell it as a recreational activity, not a medical one. There's nothing wrong with that and I guess a lot of millennials would still check it out, so I don't get why they have to claim things that aren't scientifically proven. 🙄

  23. I do that in the bath all the time. No music, just silence, ears in the water and just chill with as few thoughts as possible. It really is heaven, but I'd rather just do that at home than pay to do it somewhere lots of others have been. I love being alone though, so it may be harder for someone who isn't into it.

  24. I love it! Just never do it without ear plugs. The salt crystals crackled for days in my ears until I washed them out with a syringe (without the needle of course) 😂

  25. The mediation claim seems like BS…I’ve been mediating for anxiety and depression for over 15 years. I can literally get to the point where I am in deep, dream like state. My body always gets super relaxed. I’m still going to do float this January.

  26. Wish Dr. Mike would do a report on Infrared Sauna. No drug out there works as well to cut risk of heart attack. It's now first line therapy in Japan and some Northern European countries for patients with heart disease.

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