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Shred City Transformation Program – Depth Training & Physiotherapy

Shred City Transformation Program – Depth Training & Physiotherapy

Have you ever thought about changing
your fitness or nutrition habits to improve your overall energy and feel
better about yourself? Welcome to Shred City! This program was
created to educate inspire and motivate individuals in our community, to help
make a positive sustainable change to their current health fitness lifestyle
and overall well-being. Our approach to weight loss is about developing
practical long term exercise and nutrition habits for an improved quality
of life. Our professionally trained and knowledgeable team creates an
environment that is fun, educational, interactive, and competitive. We believe
the environment, combined with the team atmosphere, helps to motivate and inspire
participants to push past their current barriers and REALIZE THEIR POTENTIAL.
Shred City uses the Styku 3D Body Scan technology to monitor physical changes
throughout the program. These include body circumference, lean muscle mass, and
body fat percentage. This system also provides the resting metabolic rate that
is used to help participants develop an individualized nutrition plan. The
exercise program is broken into two groups based on exercise experience. Our
original program is designed to help people build a solid foundation of
movement, improve cardiovascular health and build their overall confidence. Our
advanced program will build off the solid movement foundation and challenge the
participants with a variety of advanced strength and power training blocks to
help improve lean muscle mass and overall performance. If it doesn’t
challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Shred City changes lives our next
program starts April 16 sign up today to change your life.

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