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Skyler’s Story – Fairview Pediatric Rehabilitation

Skyler’s Story – Fairview Pediatric Rehabilitation

(soft music) – When Skyler came into our care, about a year and three months, you could sit him in a sitting position and he’d stay there. He couldn’t get into a sitting position. He couldn’t stand. He couldn’t walk. He couldn’t crawl. – Skyler has a condition called Klippel-Feil Syndrome, which
is decreased bone growth, especially in the cervical area, which causes decreased motion in though the neck and the arms. He also has a developmental
delay, globally. – Skyler is utilizing our
speech, OT and PT services, to help develop his eating skills, his speaking skills, his fine motor, things he can do with his
hands, throughout the day and also, all of the
locomotion, the crawling, standing and running. – If you’ve met Skyler, you love him. He comes in and he greets
our rehab aids with smiles. The second we come out to get him, he’s leading the way
to the treatment room, so, you can’t help but look
forward to when he comes. When he first came in, he could hardly even pick up a snack, because he couldn’t use his thumbs. He couldn’t pinch a snack,
bring it to his mouth. Skyler’s new thumb spica
splints that he has, help create more of a space and help him to be able to wrap his thumb around any objects that he holds onto. Using those splints, he’s developed more strength in his thumbs. – In 2013, we had over 2,000 pediatric rehabilitation visits, here at
Fairview Northland Hospital. As you can see, children,
or pediatric patients, kind of progress and learn new things. It’s very fulfilling as a therapist to be able to see patients
gain a new skill and be able to do things that they
weren’t able to do before. – I can’t tell you what it is to be there for some of the first steps and some of the first words,
for somebody like Skyler. The look in the eye, when
you can see he gets it. – You kind of think, gosh,
is he ever going to walk? Then one day he let goes and now it’s, “Slow down, Skyler.” Now, we gotta chase him all over the farm. (laughing) Chasing the dog, cat. He loves to help out in
the barn, with the horses, and feed them and give
them their nightly hugs. I wanted to say thanks for
Fairview for taking him and doing the work that
they’ve done for him. It really is wonderful. – They really helped with helping us know how to help him. – My hopes for Skyler
is that he grows up to live as normal of a life as he can. I expect him to go to school,
with kids just like him. He’s developing his fine motor skills, so, he’ll be able to
use a scissors and cut and color right along
with the rest of the kids. His personality is just amazing, so, he’ll do big things with that.

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  1. Skyler has awesome grandparents that have helped him through many difficult times, but Skyler keeps on going with the help of grandma and grandpa and the care team at Fairview Pediatric Rehabilitation. I know for a fact that he has the best help he could ever want or need. The good Lord put the right people and angels to watch over this little boy. God bless you Jay & Beth for never giving up on your grandson and always having faith in the Lord to do the right thing. God bless you in all you do…  I can see hes already come a long way. My love and prayers go out to you and your wonderful family. Again GOD BLESS YOU!!!

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