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Speech Therapy: Eureka Approach with the /r/ sound

Speech Therapy: Eureka Approach with the /r/ sound

Hi I’m Kelly and this is Sadie, and we’re here
today to talk to you about the Eureka Approach to handling /r/ in therapy. The Euraka approach
is a way to teach a child to anchor their toung in their top molars so that they have
a place to slableize their tounge during the production of /r/. Sadie’s going to demontrate
today how ae start off in our warm up therpy By biting on the sides of her tounge so that
she get’s the stmilation that she knows where the sides of her toung needs to go. Then
she slowly slides her tounge inside her molars and we practice some syllables such as t,
d, and g. So that she maintaining and she’s pushing on her molars the entire time. so
that she’s grounding her tounge and know;s where tounge is with-in her mouth
or with in the space. she has
also workesd very hard on her blended

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