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Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke – Gary Steinberg, Stanford University

Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke – Gary Steinberg, Stanford University

7 thoughts on “Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke – Gary Steinberg, Stanford University

  1. 05:35 Stanford, here I come!
    06:13 Hypothesis
    08:22 No tumor formation
    09:53 Schematic overview (differentiation)

  2. Amazing!
    I was treated for stroke at lucile packard at 13 years old, almost a full recovery. I put in a request for there clinical trial

  3. I am a 45 year old stroke survivor. My stroke was less than two years ago. My primary deficit in vision. I am back in college finishing my degree and passing upper division classes so while I'm sure that I'm diminished, clearly I'm back within the normal bell curve. Vision is the primary issue. Dr. Theo Palmer did a lecture at Braille a while ago and gave me some info to follow up on. I tried but now that I'm between semesters I'm trying again.

  4. I had a stroke in 2003.. I was only 15 then I'm 24 now. I am around 95% independent however I still have left side weakness and I'm partially blind.. Will this treatment still work for me?

  5. Thanks for your note. We're sorry to hear about your stroke and your challenges with recovery. This research project is currently in development and is not ready for clinical trials. Please visit for a list of all current clinical trials registered with the National Institutes of Health. Best wishes, CIRM

  6. This is a very nice presentation. I am a Ph.D. student from Panama. My proyect is about the treatment of stroke using iPS Cells. Sometimes it is difficult to me to detect what can I do to participate with people as you for improve this kind of therapy. I would like to see more lectures because in Panama anyone work in that.  How can I have access to get more ideas and learn from you?

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