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Stephen Arthur – Sano Physiotherapy Testimonial

Stephen Arthur – Sano Physiotherapy Testimonial

As you can see my hobby is golf. I’ve had
a big problem with my right knee over the last 18 months to two years. I couldn’t
walk properly it was very stiff and sore and it got to the point where I couldn’t
play golf and I was struggling to walk up and down stairs. So I went to see a
specialist who suggested who initially looked at it and thought about an
operation but decided I should have some physiotherapy rather than an operation,
so I went to see Matt at Sano Physiotherapy, he initially diagnosed the
fact that my knee was extremely badly swollen and told me I should take some anti-inflammatories which is something nobody else had managed to spot and he then
gave me a series of exercises which I’ve been doing and they’ve improved my needs
such an extent, one hundred percent better than what it was
and I’m now able to walk easily and play golf again so I can thoroughly recommend Sano Physiotherapy.

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