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I Wanna Be a Physiotherapist · A Day In The Life Of A Physiotherapist

Oooo. I think I need to see a physio. You know every professional sports team has a physiotherapist and fore most they’re the first person you run or hobble to if you’ve got an injury. That’s because they assess and treat injuries as well as trying to prevent them from happening again. And they don’t […]

Insync Physiotherapy – Rolling Out the Latissimus Dorsi / Teres Mj

Place the roller on the ground or your yoga mat and lie on your side below your arm pit. Roll back and forth releasing your latissimus dorsi muscle for up to 2-3 minutes doing 2 sets. Stretching this area with the 1-arm prayer stretch after rolling it out is great for stiff shoulders where the […]

This is real-world learning: Simulations and Physiotherapy

>>Hi Mrs Allen. OK well I’m here to help and have a chat with you today. And hopefully make you feel a bit better, and a bit less short of breath. Does that sounds good? Now what I want you to do today, is be nice and relaxed throughout today.>>Time out.>>Yep.>>That was a really good […]

Body Works Sports Physiotherapy – What is IMS?

Hi, this is Dana Ranahan. I’m a physiotherapist at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy here in North Vancouver and I’m here today to show you a technique called Intramuscular Stimulation otherwise known as IMS and it’s a technique where we use an acupuncture needle to help release a tight muscle in the body so in this […]

E-LINK M600 Exercise Kit for Clinical Rehabilitation

E-LINK M600 Exercise Kit for Clinical Rehabilitation

The M600 Exercise Kit is an exciting module of the E-LINK system, using the unique Myo-EX and AngleX Sensors for inspiring computer-based exercise. The M600 gives immediate biofeedback to the patient, and is ideal for undertaking progressive exercise throughout the whole rehabilitation process. Highly sensitive Myo-EX sensors use surface EMG for innovative exercise beginning from […]

Study Physiotherapy at Curtin University

Hello, I’m Professor Keith Hill, Head of the School of Physiotherapy at Curtin University. I’d like to welcome you to our School, and to the University. Curtin has been educating physiotherapists for over 60 years. We make distinctive contributions to the physiotherapy profession and society in research, learning and teaching, and knowledge transfer. We are […]

Eden Test | Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Eden Test | Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Hi, and welcome back to physiotutors. My name is Kai and today I would like to show you the Eden test, which is also known as the military brace test or the costoclavicular syndrome. It’s another test for the thoracic outlet syndrome. As the name implies it is testing the costoclavicular space under which the […]

Will physiotherapy help my knee? | BMI Healthcare

Will physiotherapy help my knee? | BMI Healthcare

so physios are able to identify weaknesses limitations or things that can be improved on that could stop them having surgery or delay the need for surgery so if we see patients before surgery we can give them much more a good basis for what to expect from their surgeries. We can educate them about […]