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The Forearms Pain during the PLANCHE Hold [SUB ENG]

The Forearms Pain during the PLANCHE Hold [SUB ENG]

Hi everyone, welcome to Calimnastic, in this video I talk about a topic much requested from you. The topic is about the forearm injury. This kind of pain is usually felt through thick or persistent pain when we perform the planche or when the hold is over and we remove the hand from the support, that can be the parallettes or floor. The idea was to share my experience with you because I had this injury when I started calisthenics and the planche training. So let’s see the possible causes and how to prevent this injury. Analyzing the planche position we can see that the weight of the body is supported by the joint of the wrist, elbow and shoulder. so if we have an injury we must see along these three joints. When you train movements like planche and handstand the wrist joint is important infact I advice you to leave slowly the support when the hold is over in order to prevent thick or any possible pain. When you perform the handstand be sure you don’t make too much force with the fingers or wrists to find the balance Infact it can happen that the forearms get too stressed but if the weight is well balanced in your hands you can find the balance more easily and less stressful. It is important to evaluate our wrists mobility because the planche require a good amount of mobility and strength, Infact we have to hold a specific position where the wrists are not strong So if we don’t have enough mobility to perform the movement and we force those range of motions the result can be a potential injury if the stress is prolonged. A good method to prepare the wrists is the planche lean Infact we can adjust the amount of lean and work in every range of motion until we reach the max lean. Besides this we can work with the specific wrists mobility exercises. For example we have to consider the radial and ulnar deviation and the wrist extension. We can do exercises to strengthen and mobilize these specific positions in addition with the planche lean This is a good way to prepare the wrists in order to prevent the stress caused by the planche During the planche training we have to consider the intensity and frequency Infact I always advise to do 2 or 3 weekly sessions using the “buffer”. with a margin respect the maximal. So you have to take a planche step where you have a good control that you can hold atleast 5-10 seconds and that they aren’t too stressful for tendons and joints. This can make a progressive adaptation instead if we do maximal holds on a step that we don’t have a good control we can risk to take an injury Ok these were some causes from the practice of the movement however there may be other causes, perhaps from other movements like the pull movements where the forearms are involved and maybe the injury is the result of different factors. So when you write to me that you have a pain during the planche you have to evaluate what movements are you training in addition to the planche. My advise is: if you have a pain you have to investigate the cause perhaps stop the training for a week if after a week you still have the pain is time to visit the physiotherapist or a specialist in which he will advise you about the pain or injury and he will tell you what to do to solve the issue while if the pain is lasting for months probably is too late and the inflammation is chronic so the best thing you can do is to visit the physiotherapist. Anyway I hope now when you write to me that you train the planche and you have the pain I can’t tell you a diagnosis or a real solution. Because there may be many causes and I from a screen i’m not able to judge your condition. Anyway the physiotherapist/specialist is the right person to ask. The video is over and I hope it was useful. Cya in the next video.

11 thoughts on “The Forearms Pain during the PLANCHE Hold [SUB ENG]

  1. Advice from the most aesthetic plancher in the business! Thanks for this, I had this issue too when I started.
    My man, we need more of the planche tutorial series, PLEASE 😅😅😅

  2. Is it better to do planche attemps everyday or have complete rest days. (I'm already advanced and very close to full planche)

  3. Omg. I really started to believe that I was the only one having that pain in my left forearm when going for a planche or planche lean. I told myself "Well, my forearm is screwed up, genetics I guess"

    Thankful to know I m not the only one with this problem.

  4. Dude just a question in terms of your planche training. It may sound stupid but did your ever use advanced frogstand crow? or is that exercise when it comes to planche completely useless should i spend more time with leans or even doing leans weighted with a weight vest for extra strength gains?

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