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The Gillet Test for SI-Joint Dysfunction

In this video I’m going to show you the Gillet Test also known as Marching or Sacred Fixation Test for Sacroiliac dysfunction Hi, and Welcome back to Physiotutors. Like many other palpation test, the Gillet Test has a low reliability with a kappa value of 0.22 according to Dreyfuss et al. (1996) the same authors also report a sensitivity of 43% and a specificity of 68% So all together the use of this test in clinical practice is at least questionable To perform the test position yourself behind the patient and palpate both Posterior Superior Iliac Spines which should be at the same level as the spinous process of S2 Now to test the right SI joint Palpate S2 with your left hand and the right hand stays on the PSIS Now ask a patient to Flex his hip to 90 degrees In a normal SI joint the PSIS will drop below as to you In a dysfunctional SI joint, which is blocked or hypermobile You will see that the PSIS will not drop or move only minimally Alright, this was our video on the Gillet Test make sure to also watch our video on the Standing Bend Over Test as well as this is another pretty common test where SI joint dysfunction and as always I hope this video is helpful to you if it was give it a thumbs up Comment down below if you still have any questions and check us out on Instagram Facebook Or on and I will see you in the next video. Bye

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