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The Many Benefits of a Detoxifying Ionic Footbath

The Many Benefits of a Detoxifying Ionic Footbath

So as a child we are taught the importance
of hygiene by washing our hands and taking a bath. To keep our bodies clean and to prevent
illness. Cleansing on the inside of our bodies is just as important to remove the toxins.
Detoxifying ionic foot baths are one way that we can do that. Today our toxic exposure is
to an all time high. Toxins come from everywhere. Our food are sprayed with pesticides,our water
has chlorine and fluoride in it. The air we breath is polluted. Even our cleaning products,
soaps, shampoos and detergents are loaded with chemicals. We may also have mercury fillings,
lead, arsenic, aluminum and vaccinations, household additives such as paints,and other
home products like the plastic that we use in the microwave or tobacco, or drugs. All
of these contribute to more toxins in our body, and that leads to disease, allergies,
mental incapacitations, with side effects like swelling, rashes, insomnia, headaches,
fatigue and pain. Eliminating toxins is the first step in giving our body a chance to
heal itself. Detoxification is fundamental to any health building program and detoxifying
through the feet is ideal. People love the effects of the ionic foot bath. They find
themselves more relaxed, or relieved from tension and your stressors. So what is an
ion? and how does the detoxifying foot bath work? A negative ion is an atom that that
has lost or gain one or more electrons, causing it to be negativity charged. The ion is smaller
that a molecule which allows it to move through the body through the process of osmosis. The
term osmosis is a scientific term used to describe the movement of a particle through
the membrane of a higher concentration to a lower concentration. In this instance the
higher concentration refers to the negative ion produced by the ion field that is set
up by placing the array into the water. Detoxifying foot baths operate through a process called
electrolysis. This is done by generating the proper amount of current in the foot bath
causing the water molecule or the H2O to divide, producing negative ions. Once the negative
ions are present in the water the body absorbs these through the process of osmosis. Foreign
matter such as harmful chemicals, heavy metals, parasites, are positively charged. The negative
ion seeks out the positively charged molecule to attach to it. Once attached these foreign
substances the body can readily eliminate them naturally, thereby enhancing the bodies
ability to internally cleanse itself naturally. Which will restore and normalize you bodies
normal Ph and improve you energy levels. This is an excellent way to enhance your cleansing
process. It may even be possible to reduce pain and other symptoms caused by a lifetime
of toxic buildup in the body. A session typically lasts around 34 minutes and can typically
be done every other day. Many colors and objects appear in the water during a detoxifying foot
bath. session. There is a reaction between the toxins and the particles in the water,
the salt that we add, the metals in the array, the acidity or alkalinity of the person being
bathed and all of these combine to produce a color in the water. The following table
shows what colors in the water represent. For example, yellow green indicates that there
is detoxifying from the kidney, bladder, urinary tract, the female area or the prostate area.
Orange indicates detoxification from the joints, Brown detoxifying the liver, cellular debris,
tobacco. Let’s talk about cellular debris a minute. Our body reproduces trillions of
cells everyday. So when you reproduce your cell you’ve got a brand new cell that’s going
to start working, but you also have cellular trash. And that’s what cellular debris is.
And that’s what you want to get out of your system, you don’t want that in your system
because it will affect how your body functions. Dark green: Detoxifying of the gallbladder
White foam is from the lymphatic system, White cheese-like particles indicate yeast, for
example candida. Black flakes: heavy metals and Red Flakes blood clotting material. As
your body detoxifies and as you continue to do your foot bath sessions, you will find
that you will feel more energetic, you will sleep better, and your overall health will
improve. For more information just give me a call. I’m Michelle and Be Well Western Carolina
828.734.7702 Give us a call today it’s time for you to enjoy all of the benefits of detoxifying
through a detoxifying ionic foot bath.

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  1. Is there any scientific evidence for the claimed health benefits? I have been asking this question a lot and no one seem to know of any evidence that the ionic foot bath work as claimed. I am not looking for a fight, just evidence. Thank you.

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