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Top 10 Solutions for Infertility with Dr. Patrick Flynn

Dr. Axe: Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here along with Dr. Patrick Flynn. We’ve got a great episode for you today and
we are live here. We’re going to be talking about the 10 natural
solutions to help you overcome infertility and to naturally balance your hormones. I brought in the expert in infertility and
all things hormones, Dr. Patrick Flynn. In fact, he’s been labeled “The Hormone Whisperer”
by people all over the world and all over the country. And he has people fly, again, from all over
the world to come see him that are struggling with infertility, hormone imbalance issues
such as PCOS, severe menopausal symptoms, PMS, and a number of other hormone-related
issues related to the thyroid, the adrenal glands. Dr. Patrick, hey. Dr. Flynn: Thanks for having me. Dr. Axe: Awesome, great to have you here today. So, guys, we’re going to be going over the
top treatments and really what Dr. Patrick does with his patients in terms of the herbs,
the essential oils, and the root causes of what actually causes infertility and hormonal
issues like PCOS. And help us spread the message right now,
there are millions of people, women and men, women especially, who are going to their doctor,
getting medications, and they’re not getting to the root cause of what’s causing their
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Live before we dive into the actual root causes of addressing hormone imbalance in the body,
especially infertility. So, all right, let’s see. We’ve got Shar Hull [SP] who just joined us
from Malaysia. Hey, thanks for joining us here today. We’ve got Jeremy Roland from Louisville, Kentucky. We’ve got Assel T.G. [SP] watching from Puerto Rico. Marie Trema [SP] from beautiful California. Hey, Marie, thanks for joining us here today. We have Deb Bruckschen [SP] from Wisconsin. Dr. Flynn: Hey, Wisconsin. Dr. Axe: Hey, Deb. Good to see you, all right. I know you’re from Green Bay. Dr. Flynn: Green Bay. Dr. Axe: The Green Bay area. So especially if you’re in Minnesota, Wisconsin,
Chicago, he’s real close to you there. And also we have Brigitte Fazan [SP] watching
from Cali. And I got to mention here someone saying,
“Dr. Patrick is a healer.” Awesome. Yeah, that’s a great compliment there. And Diana Jefferies is saying “hey” from Adelanto,
California. Awesome. Hey, guys, thanks for joining us today. And thanks for everybody, I see a lot of people
sharing this video here right now. All right. So let’s talk about this, Dr. Patrick. One of your key ways of addressing hormone
imbalance is through testing. And here’s the truth, a lot of doctors today
aren’t doing the right type of testing to find out what’s causing infertility, what’s
causing hormone imbalance. Talk to us about the hormones you test for. And also you mentioned something about estrogen
earlier. Dr. Flynn: Yeah. The sad part today is when people actually
get their hormones tested, the key thing is it’s incomplete. For example, I’ll ask women, I’ll say, “Have
you ever heard of the hormone estrogen?” And, “Sure.” And I respond, I go, “That’s why you’re sick. Estrogen is really a term of multiple hormones.” And they give you that kind of deer in headlights
look. And that’s actually the hormone that dictates
a woman’s life. If you look when a woman, a young lady, has
her cycle and develops into a woman, the only thing that really changes is her estrogen
levels start to go at a much higher level. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Dr. Flynn: But there’s so many of them. And most women have never even had them tested
properly. Okay? And that’s the biggest thing. So it’s incomplete testing. Because people come in and say, “Doc, I’ve
had some testing done.” I’m like, “Really? Let me see it.” And they maybe test one or two of them. And so you can’t get a good complete picture
of a woman’s hormones unless you know of them. Okay? So that’s a great place to start. Second, obviously, a little bit more known
hormone is progesterone. Okay? It’s really key, especially when you get down
to mental stress, but progesterone is probably the most drained hormone that woman have. It’s actually the number one cause, for example,
of miscarriage when progesterone levels get low. Actually, if a woman actually gets pregnant
and starts to bleed or, for example, they’ve had miscarriages in the past, they’ll give
them shots of synthetic progesterone that way. Dr. Axe: Wow. Dr. Flynn: But I will tell you, for example,
one thing I think is key, especially for women, is cortisol. Okay? So there’s more than these three hormones,
because that would be an incomplete test if you just did those. But when women actually just start to research
those three things when they’re going through any hormonal change, from PMS to PCOS to infertility
that way, it’s got to start there. Now that’s a really good start, but that’s
still incomplete. So just understand there’s all the array of
hormones that have got to be tested. But even just number one, estrogens dictate
what a woman life is like. Dr. Axe: Well, talk to me about what are some
of the different types of estrogens that people might get tested for. And then we have another question, somebody
wants to know what they should be tested for if they are not losing weight like they should. That’s a question here from Drace [SP]. Dr. Flynn: Well, actually that’s a big key. When you look actually at weight loss, start
with your cortisol. Because there is a tissue in our body that
makes a significant amount of hormone, it’s called adipose tissue. So when women’s hormones drop, guess what
happens. The body says, “I have to survive.” And so what does it produce? Fat tissue. That’s why when you get down to exercise women
can actually exercise every day and if they’re doing it wrong or doing it during the wrong
times, guess what, hormone levels drop, and then fat tissue has to be produced for them
to produce hormone. So cortisol is actually a wonderful one because
if you drain your adrenals, if you drain your progesterones, your body has to survive. Your body does what it does to actually survive
every situation, even produce fat. Dr. Axe: Yeah. And if you’re a person out there and you’re
one of those people, especially a woman, and you’re out there exercising and you’re not
losing weight or maybe you’re even gaining weight in certain instances, it’s because
you’re not exercising the right way during the right times of the month, which we’re
going to talk about when we talk about exercise here in just a minute. So again, as Dr. Patrick is talking about,
you want to do a full-on hormone panel, and this is something he does with his company
Wellness Way. And again, just Google search “The Hormone
Whisperer Dr. Patrick Flynn” online, you’ll find information there on Google. So again, you want to do a complete panel
there. We know cortisol is one of those hormones
we have to stay balanced. Now talk about this, it was really interesting. We know the American Health Association recently
came out with this absurd recommendation that you got to get saturated fat out of your diet
and then basing disease, or heart disease, on cholesterol. Talk about why women who want to balance their
hormones and overcome infertility, why they actually need cholesterol. Dr. Flynn: Yeah. Well, I’ll give you a clinical example. So the other day I had a 42-year-old woman
come in and she lost her cycle and she thought she was actually going through menopause. Well, then I tested her proper hormones at
LH and FSH and it still told that she still should be cycling. Well, anyways, so then I said, “Well, let’s
run your lipid panel.” She had a cholesterol level at 98. And now she was so excited when it came back
because even her OB said, “Listen, that’s fantastic.” And I just about had a seizure. Okay? Because every steroid hormone, let me say
that again, every steroid hormone comes from cholesterol. So when the American Health Association said
that coconut oil and things like that were bad for you, they’re actually going to drive
women and male hormones by teaching that. And I just about freaked. And we have a very good cardiovascular guy
in our office, his name is Dr. Greg Abbott, and he put out a great article about that. And he said, “Hey, listen.” He goes, “Listen, steroid hormones need, for
example, cholesterol. And if we don’t get cholesterol in our foods,
guess what, it’s going to be detrimental to hormone health that way. And do not lower your cholesterol.” One of the worst things for female hormones
is actually statin drugs. Statin drugs. Do you know when I started practice 18 years
ago they never put women on statin drugs, they never did. In guys it was pretty common, that’s why testosterone
levels became so low. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Dr. Flynn: But women today, and even one of
the major side effects of statin drugs is lower hormones. But it’s detrimental to women’s health that
way, cholesterol is a key. So when you get a lipid panel done and your
doctor is so excited that it’s low, I’m freaking out. Dr. Axe: Oh, same here. Dr. Flynn: Big time. Dr. Axe: It’s one of those things where, again,
I don’t know how the medical community doesn’t understand this. Well, part of it is the pharmaceutical companies
and their whole agenda. But, again, think about how important this
is. Cholesterol and proteins together are a big
part of those are your hormones you’re producing. And, another point, 25% of your brain, your
spinal cord, your nervous system is made up of cholesterol. So if you have low cholesterol levels as men,
that’s going to equal low testosterone. You being weaker, lower sex drive, lower energy
levels. And for women very same thing. It’s a lower sex drive, infertility, hormone
imbalance. You’ve got to get your cholesterol levels
healthy. And we’re going to talk about that more with
food, but let’s mention what are a few foods that might support healthy levels of cholesterol
or some fats there? Dr. Flynn: Well, two of my favorite, eggs
and avocados. Dr. Axe: There you go. Dr. Flynn: It is. We have this fallacy about eggs. Remember, if you even go back, the American
Heart Association saying, “Eggs are good, eggs are bad, eggs are good, eggs are bad.” That’s based on their pharmaceutical influence
that way. And two wonderful things that way that actually
are essential to health. Now there are people that say, “Doc, what
if you’re allergic to eggs?” Well, then, guess what, find other sources
that way. You need cholesterol. And there’s one thing I want to say about
saturated fats. It’s kind of interesting. People know a lot about polyunsaturated fats
because of olive oil. But you understand that olive oil under room
temperature is a liquid. Saturated fat under room temperature is actually
a solid. If we were actually made up of polyunsaturated
fats, we’d melt in room temperature. Do you see what I’m saying? Dr. Axe: Yes, yeah. Dr. Flynn: You never think of it that way. And then people start scratching their heads. Yes, saturated fats bind our cells together
and keep us human. See what I’m saying? So a lot of people don’t understand that. Dr. Axe: And I’m going to throw a few others
up here. Getting a little bit of animal fat is good. Dr. Flynn: Yes, it is. Dr. Axe: Things like whether it’s tallow or
chicken fat, a lot of times I’ll eat the organic chicken skin. And the reason is it’s full of collagen and
those healthy saturated fats, if it’s a grass-fed wild animal. So getting things like this, we’ll put a little
bit of coconut oil in there down here. These are things that can really benefit the
body. Now let jump into number three here. And by the way, hey, I know that for yourself,
Dr. Flynn, again you have helped a lot of people with infertility, a lot of celebrities. So if you want to know more about Dr. Patrick,
just search “The Hormone Whisperer” online, Dr. Patrick Flynn. You can find out more about him there. But we’re going to talk about mental stress. And, by the way, there are millions of people
that don’t know this is true. I was shocked when I first opened my clinic,
Dr. Patrick, and the number of women, young women, in their 20s and 30s coming in with
infertility, PCOS, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, just so
many of these different health problems. I was absolutely shocked. And you know what the reason was? They don’t know these key things that we’re
actually teaching about today. So, hey, take a minute right now, click the
“share” button, the “like” button, help us spread this word. Because more men and women need to know the
truth about how to naturally heal their bodies. So let’s talk about mental stress. How important is this when it comes to balancing
your hormones and overcoming infertility? Dr. Flynn: Out of all these things, I believe
number three is actually the key. If you look at, for example, kind of a funny
thing I always say, who stresses out more, men or women? Women. Who causes the women the most stress? Men. Okay? So, men, this is not a joke, you can be one
of the biggest contributors to your wife’s illness. Now that’s going to get a huge one because
women by nature, estrogen is a very bonding hormone. Okay? Testosterone is a very aggressive hormone. And what happens, and here’s the big key and
this is the big difference, our anabolic hormones, our hormones that come from our progesterone,
estrogen, DHEA, all the ones that way, guess what, they’re not connected to cortisol. But guess what, progesterone is. Progesterone converts into our stress hormones. So mental stress can deplete a woman’s hormones
faster than eating bad, faster than exercising too much, faster than doing anything. This by far is right now, I believe, and this
is by lab testing, is the number one key to why women are sick today. Dr. Axe: Now let me ask you this, Dr. Patrick. When you have a patient come in and they’re
having major emotional stress, I know you’ve got a lot of different remedies, what is one
of those things that maybe you have them become conscious of or start doing to deal with the
stress and their husbands or significant others? Dr. Flynn: I’m going to use a funny example,
one of my doctors is going to kill me on this. So we have Wellness Way clinics all over the
country, we have great doctors and stuff like that. And the cool thing about this is our Montana
office, Dr. Sampson and Alex. I went out to their wedding. I have a picture of Alex when she was in her
wedding dress walking around with a bottle of California poppy because it’s the most
calming, relaxing, neurologically calming herb, helps us produce our very calming neurotransmitters
very quickly. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Dr. Flynn: So California poppy actually leaves
our office on a regular basis so often because why? Because even a wedding, which is one of the
most beautiful things, it was a gorgeous wedding, we had a blast out there, but the idea is
this: it’s stressful. And so it does make the nervous system calm
really quickly. So California poppy has always been one of
the go-tos. We have some times when women come in they
have such high anxiety. As people know, our motto is “we don’t guess,
we test.” But there are sometimes clinically that . . . I
had a woman come in just in tremors. And I put her back in my exam room and I gave
her literally a tablespoon of California poppy every 15 minutes to calm down because doing
a lab on her actually would have been clinically irrelevant at that time. Then we got her to calm down, then guess what,
then we could continue our exam and our work on her. Dr. Axe: Great stuff. Dr. Flynn: Incredible thing. And actually the funny part is when people
Google search it or look it up by WebMD, it’s one of the most common and non-addictive herbs
because, once again, you can’t overdose on it. It’s water-soluble. So if you took too much, you’d just pee it
out. Dr. Axe: I love this, I’m going to write this
down here. So we have California poppy. And then one other thing I want to mention,
something I’ve done, Dr. Flynn, too, for patients is I’ve had them do what I call a healing
bath. One cup of Epsom salts, 20 drops of lavender
or chamomile oil, and just lay in the tub for 20 minutes soaking there. But I love it, that’s a great natural, holistic
remedy there. And also I see we got a lot of people sharing
this. I think Marie I saw just share this. Hey, thanks so much for sharing this, liking
this information. We’re helping to spread the word about women’s
health and men’s health here today, especially in regards to hormones. So let’s talk about fatty acids here and the
importance of. What are the most important fatty acids or
fat-rich foods that we need to be getting in our diet on a daily basis? Dr. Flynn: Oils and nuts. Oils and nuts, by far. Because remember hormones are lipid-soluble,
they need carrier proteins, they actually need the fatty acids. And so oils and nuts are one of the best foods
on a regular basis that way. Macadamia nuts by far are one of the best
that way. Cashews, walnuts, all high-based fatty acids
that way that actually give the building blocks. We talk about building blocks of cholesterol,
we need more than cholesterol, we also need the amino acid proteins, we also need the
phospholipids to actually build that way. So oils and nuts to me, for example, have
done a wonderful job of giving people, and giving women and men, the tools to be able
to build those hormones. Dr. Axe: Cool, awesome. I just wrote down four down here, we got macadamia
nuts, walnuts, flax seeds. Also doing things like salmon can be great
here. But getting these fatty acids. And, of course, we put avocado up here earlier,
but why is avocado so beneficial? Dr. Flynn: Well, it has multiple things. See, what happens when you actually look at
the liver, and we’re going to talk about this over here, but all hormones convert in the
hormone. So therefore the glutathione that you get
from the avocado helps the liver process everything and convert it, and also has methyl groups
that change the estrogens from one form to the other. So those food groups are essential. That’s why avocados should be a normal part
of your diet on a regular basis. Dr. Axe: Yeah. And as I know we both have said before, an
avocado a day will keep the endocrinologist away. Dr. Flynn: Yes. Dr. Axe: Okay? Which is something you want. Dr. Flynn: It’s true. Dr. Axe: So anyway, so again you can see here
some of these foods you want to be getting into your diet on a daily basis. And listen, these are delicious. Macadamia nuts, I love that vanilla-like flavor. Doing macadamia nut butter with some celery
sticks is great. All right, let’s talk about exercise here. Now this is one I think might surprise you
guys a little bit. Let me actually jump back, did you hear everything
he said about avocados? They help boost your glutathione levels, that’s
your body’s master antioxidant, powerful for anti-aging. All right, exercise. So we’re going to get some haters on this
one. So we’re going to talk about two types of
exercise that are beneficial, weight training and burst training, and then things like yoga
and walking. Or yoga, Pilates, bar walking, things that
are in those categories. There are certain times of the month that
women should be doing weight training or burst training and certain times they shouldn’t
be. Let’s talk about when not to do those. Dr. Flynn: Well, let’s set the stage first. For male hormones it’s essential for guys
to work out daily, and burst training is by far the best. I have some pro athletes come in and what
happens is they’re physically physiqued like crazy, but they push themselves beyond burst
training and their testosterone levels drop down because they’re causing so much disruption
to their body. Okay? Now, Josh, it’s kind of neat, you’ll understand
this a little bit more since you’re married. Now the one thing about a woman when you look
at exercise compared to a man, a man’s testosterone levels are straight across all the time. Our testosterone levels will stay the same
all month. When you got married, no one ever told you
this, a woman’s hormones change four times a month. That means it affects them physically, but
it also affects them mentally four times a month. You really married four different women. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Dr. Flynn: You get what I’m saying? And, women, it’s okay. It’s okay that you’re different, you don’t
have to be like a male. Any male that wants you to be like him, they
don’t understand you. Okay? So what happens is there’s your four changes. So you’re different every single week. But that means your exercise routine has to
change every week. So the rough average days of a cycle, let’s
say, is 28. Yes, ladies, you can fluctuate from 26 to
32, but let’s do this. Let’s just stay on a 28 basis to make my point. Day one is when you menstruate. That first week, guess what, that’s where
you put in more of your non-burst training. Okay? Yoga, walking. Just stay active, you have to stay active. Movement is so important. But the idea is this, if you burst train,
especially in that first week, you are going to deplete your hormones, your body is going
to end up putting a ton of cortisol to compensate, and you could even gain weight. So when you menstruate, don’t be putting your
exercise at a high level. Because what happens is, yes, you can develop
a great physique. This actually frustrates women, women are
not supposed to have a six-pack. They’re not. See, women actually get all excited and they
look at these women and they show their six-pack and I look and I go, “That’s a sick woman.” Because she’s actually depleted her layer
of fat that’s supposed to be there that produces hormone. And then eventually she’s going to get very
sick, very depressed, and actually there’s going to be a lot of hormonal problems that
stem from there. Okay? Now you move into week two, menstruation is
done, hit it hard. And one of the best things that’s actually
high activity, and guys are going to love this part, that includes sex. Do you get what I’m saying? Burst training. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Dr. Flynn: So move into your burst training
there on time. Week three, week three, guys, is where women
actually make probably the most chronic illness they have. Because hormones have to be the highest, they
have to be. And if they’re mentally stressed out and they’re
pushing their body to high extremes, that third week they’ll deplete their hormones,
that will cause more illness in a woman than anything in history. Dr. Axe: So week three is when men should
be buying their significant others spa packages and giving them foot massages . . . Dr. Flynn:Make the bath for them. Dr. Axe: . . . fanning them and feeding them
grapes, the whole thing. Dr. Flynn: Well, and I always say this in
my Hormone Connection seminar, week three we call that the woman zone. Guys, you have to understand this is where
a woman has to have very little stress in her life. And if they do not, guess what, you can laugh,
you can disagree, everything like that, but you know something? Infertility, PCOS, every hormonal problem,
depression, all time high. Dr. Axe: Yeah, it is. Dr. Flynn: And if we don’t change our thinking. And so that’s why clinically what we started
to do now is this, we started to test women during those times. And that’s the big key. Ladies, each one of you guys are so different
out there. We have beautiful women here like crazy, but
each one of these women are different. So we got to test them to see what their body
needs and how to do it. Dr. Axe: Yeah. So just understanding that your body is cyclical
in nature, women, it’s important, again. That first week of menstruation you should
be doing yoga, walking and hiking outside, getting sun, just doing things that are very
active and movement-oriented, but not super physically taxing. Doing that the first and third week of the
month. And then the second and fourth, hey, going
hard at it, doing burst training, doing some weight training, doing some things that are
physically exerting. But really knowing your body is cyclical and
exercising in such a way is really a key to naturally balancing your hormones. And we’re going to dive in here and now talk
about toxicity, this is a big topic. But, by the way, I see we got people joining
from all over the world right now. I want to say “thanks” for everybody who’s
joining us live here on this live training. I’m talking here to Dr. Patrick Flynn, he’s
known as “The Hormone Whisperer.” Hey, if you want to learn more about him,
just do a Google search online, open a new tab now and look up “The Hormone Whisperer
Dr. Patrick Flynn.” You can learn about his clinic. Dr. Flynn: Yeah, “The Wellness Way clinics”
is probably the easiest way to actually search us. Dr. Axe: Yeah, he has people fly in from all
over the world to help them address hormone imbalance and infertility, some things we’re
talking about today. And men, actually deals with a lot of men
with low testosterone levels, helping lay out plans for them, as well. All right, so let’s talk about toxicity. How do toxins play a role? Let’s also maybe talk about detoxification
here. Let’s talk about this whole area. Dr. Flynn: Well, you want to think about it
this way, the whole endocrine system is a pattern that changes. As women know, they cycle. Men do cycle, too. Men cycle through the day, their testosterone
level is higher in the morning than it is at night. Ladies, you know how you can find out? Tomorrow morning before your husband is awake
lift up the sheet. You get what I’m saying? His hormones are high in the morning, it’s
out of his control. Okay? And I love that all the ladies laugh when
I say that, but it’s true. See, so we do have that cyclic pattern. That whole cyclic pattern can be disrupted
by toxins. Let me give you a very sad female example. Once again, had a young lady come in, for
example, that thought she was going through menopause in her 30s because what happened
is she went to her doctor, she got a flu vaccine, and he cycle stopped. Do you see what I’m saying? Because heavy metals can disrupt the pituitary
and disrupt the whole endocrine system, and of course she stopped menstruating that way. And then we start to detox her and stuff,
and then once again her cycle started to come on. So there’s a lot of things that cause massive
toxins. Plastics, don’t drink out of plastic. Use glass cookware. Don’t store your food in things that actually
can have BPA, all those endocrine disrupters. If you look at all the phytoestrogens that
are out there today. You get what I’m saying? I know there’s a big controversy because they
don’t test. What happens is this, people actually love
soy. And I’m sitting there going, “Soy is an endocrine
disrupter.” Actually, even if you look at the breast cancer
websites, they’re even medical, they’ll tell you stay away from soy. So be very careful with things that are endocrine
disrupters because they’re really toxins to the whole system to coordinate all this. Dr. Flynn: Yeah. And one of the tips I know you and I have
both given people, Dr. Patrick, is one of the other big things for women is, hey, eat
meat, but make sure it’s organic and wild. Here’s a big thing, conventional meat and
dairy, we know they are packed with steroids and growth hormones. In fact, there’s a study out of Spain that
I had read saying the average glass of milk has 21 pharmaceuticals in it, from estradiol,
other hormone mimickers, things that can really disrupt the hormones. So, again, women, only organic, wild, natural
meats and dairy when you’re consuming those. Stay away from the soy. We’re not going to get into genetically modified
foods because it would go for an hour, but stay away from GMOs, stay away from plastic
containers, use glass, use stainless steel, use cast iron when you’re cooking. Switch over there. Dr. Flynn: And I want to talk about this. Here’s something that a lot of people don’t
know is an endocrine disrupter, but it’s classified as one. Birth control pills. Dr. Axe: Oh, huge. Dr. Flynn: Birth control pills are known as
an endocrine disrupter. But here’s one thing, guys. This is what a lot of men don’t understand. I can actually get a man to stop his wife
taking birth control from a very easy thing. If you touch your wife or you have sex with
her or you kiss her, guess what happens. You can transfer that birth control hormone
to your husband. See what I’m saying? It’s passive diffusion that way. And so therefore, guys, if your wife is taking
this toxin, this endocrine disrupter, you’re getting it. There’s a lot of times that I will test guys
and their levels will be very elevated. I’m like, “Are you taking any steroids or
any illegal drugs?” They’re like, “No.” I’m like, “Then your wife is.” He’s like, “How do you know that?” “Because she’s passed it to you.” Dr. Axe: Yeah. Dr. Flynn: And so those are big disrupters
and our number one source. This is well-documented and you can go read
this on WebMD. The number one source, even if they don’t
take birth control, public water systems. Because there’s no filtration to actually
get it out. So in the city, a woman pees, it goes to the
water treatment plant, it goes right back out to the water. So don’t drink from a public water system. Dr. Axe: Dr. Patrick, these are huge tips,
so this is public water here. Dr. Flynn: Yeah. Dr. Axe: Again, make sure you get a filter
with either reverse osmosis or some type of filter in your house. I want to mention this, as well. I was leading a training yesterday and someone
asked the question, “What are the side effects of birth control pills?” One of the things people also don’t know is
that it actually leaches vitamins and minerals from your body. In fact, it’s probably the number one medication
that robs your body of all of your B vitamins, including folate, which is critical for neural
development of an infant, of a fetus. And so, again, the side effects of birth control. Also, I’ve had so many women I’ve taken care
of with candida issues. Once they got off birth control, yeast and
candida just grew like crazy. So this drug actually causes, within Chinese
medicine it’s called, dampness within your body. So, again, as Dr. Patrick is telling you,
I can tell you as well from a clinical perspective these things are big. Now let’s talk about some things people can
do and be proactive with healing their hormones, balancing out their body. Dr. Patrick, what are some of the key nutrients
people need to start to balance out their hormones? Dr. Flynn: This surprises people the most. Actually, I know it’s so simple, but remember
water, by far, is our number one nutrient. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Dr. Flynn: Number two, salt. Salt is key for hormonal development that
way. Dr. Axe: Want to stick salt in there? Dr. Flynn: Yeah. And then number three, for example, magnesium. Magnesium is so important for the uterus,
and that’s why you’ll see a lot of people use magnesium just to even calm menstrual
cramps down that way. Magnesium is a very good part. Now there’s actually another thing that surprises
people when I talk about this because it’s actually essential for actual implantation
from the egg, development egg, onto the uterus. Cannabidiols, CBDs. Dr. Axe: Wow. Dr. Flynn: CBDs. And that’s why, for example, CBDs are so important
to our body. Actually, it’s interesting because there’s
CBDs, cannabidiols, in breast milk. Okay? There’s CBDs in a lot of food substances. There’s CBDs, for example, in echinacea. Dr. Axe: Wow. Dr. Flynn: Yeah, a lot of people don’t know
that. Dr. Axe: Echinacea. Dr. Flynn: Echinacea is actually known as
the poor man’s marijuana. Dr. Axe: Okay. Dr. Flynn: Obviously the most known substance
to actually produce CBD is actually marijuana. Hemp is fantastic, you can get CBDs from hemp
that way. So yeah, these are key nutrients that are
essential actually for not only fertility, but just even normal cycles. Dr. Axe: One of the things you and I were
talking earlier, we talked about how great hemp seeds are for women to add into smoothies. So one of the ways to get several of these
things, do two tablespoons every morning. We love bone broth, too. Do some bone broth, a protein powder that
comes from bone broth, some health fats like coconut milk. But add a couple tablespoons of hemp seeds
to your smoothie every single morning. They also contain the fatty acid GLA, which
we know is great for hormones. Dr. Flynn: Yeah. Dr. Axe: Great tips there. I want to mention here B vitamins, too, making
sure. And you’re going to get those. We had one question for you, Dr. Patrick. “What do I do diet-wise if I’m a vegan?” Dr. Flynn: Okay. Well, actually that’s not really that terrible
because let’s go back even to cholesterols and things like that. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Dr. Flynn: If you look at some of your best
protein sources, obviously meat sources are very good that way. But hemp, spirulina are probably the two best
protein sources that lead to there. And I love those things, so I actually do
it. You don’t need meat sources. Now that’s one thing a lot of people freak
out about that people don’t realize. You can go without meat and be healthy, it’s
just much more difficult. Dr. Axe: It’s tough. Dr. Flynn: And it becomes more management
than it does anything. That’s why having some wild game and things
like that are much easier to get our sources that way. But there are wonderful superfoods. See, a lot of people don’t realize a food
gives you nutrients, but a superfood can actually create biochemical reactions. And, see, that’s why we look at hemp, hemp
is a superfood. Spirulina is a superfood that way. Cacao, chocolate is a superfood. Okay? Cacao actually has cannabidiols in there. So being a vegan, you can do this very easy
that way. And just remember move towards the things,
for example, that are easy to replace, and that’s our superfoods. Dr. Axe: Love it, great advice. Let’s talk about herbs now. We’re going to talk about herbs, the best
foods, and the best essential oils here. And if you’re loving this live video as I
am here with Dr. Patrick Flynn here, “The Hormone Whisperer,” take a minute right now,
punch the “share” button, click the “like” button, help us spread the word that food
is medicine. And the real way is to get to the root cause
of hormone imbalance, infertility, PCOS, and even low testosterone, these hormone issues. All right, thanks, everybody, for being on
mission with us. I see everybody sharing this right now on
my phone. All right, so let’s talk about herbs. One we’ve talked about was schisandra, let’s
talk about that. Dr. Flynn: Well, schisandra is actually known
as one of the most longevity herbs for a woman, but here’s the big key. Herbs really, for example, once again help
with support to the whole endocrine system that way. But going back to even cholesterol that way,
all of your hormones, even though produced by the ovaries and adrenals that way, they
go to the liver and they go through processes within the liver to actually convert from
one form to another. To change estrogens, you need methyl groups. That’s why methyl Bs do a wonderful job. Okay? And we’re going to get to a couple of the
foods that way, but schisandra is one of the very few herbs that change all functions of
the liver that way. So that’s why it’s one of the most important
things. Like you said, milk thistle you’re writing
down, milk thistle is essential. That’s why detoxing for a woman is extremely
important, even compared to a man. Ladies, does this frustrate you? Because I know you guys are like, you ever
notice this, that your husband can actually stop drinking soda and he loses 20 pounds
and actually you stop drinking soda and you gain 5 pounds? Okay? Because when that happens it comes down to
the liver. And what happens is women need to actually
start to clear that liver out, that’s why detoxing is so essential for female hormone
health. Dr. Axe: Wow. Dr. Flynn: It really is. And things like milk thistle, schisandra,
and turmeric actually open up those pathways, allow things to convert. And, once again, this can be tested for. It’s a wonderful thing to do. It’s essential, women. If you haven’t detoxed, guess what, you need
to. Otherwise your hormones cannot convert into
the forms they need to be. Dr. Axe: Yeah. So if you have never heard of schisandra,
this is one of the sort of core herbs used within traditional Chinese medicine. We know milk thistle. I want to mention this was a huge point that
Dr. Patrick just said. We tend to think of our liver as this just
takes care of environmental toxins, it produces cholesterol, which we talked about how important
that is for your body and for your hormones. We know your liver actually is probably the
chief organ for balancing out estrogens and getting rid of phyto and xenoestrogens from
those plastics and other chemicals you have in your body. So, again, taking care of your liver, women,
is probably one of the most important organs in regards to your fertility that you can
be taking care of. So we know milk thistle is great for that. There’s actually another great Chinese herb,
bupleurum tends to be great for that. So this is great advice here. We talked about some foods, what are a few
more foods that are great for infertility and hormones? Dr. Flynn: Well, I’m going to actually, Doc,
you didn’t know I was going to do this today, I didn’t tell him about this. It’s not a joke. My favorite food right now, for example, is
Dr. Josh’s bone protein. Dr. Axe: Okay. Dr. Flynn: Okay? Now let me explain why. And, see, I’ve been saving this just for our
video today. You always got to do a couple things that
are kind of fun. So what happens is, as I could teach you right
now, mental stress will drain a woman’s hormones faster than anything. The second thing that actually makes women’s
hormones drought faster than anything is gut issues. Dr. Axe: Wow. Dr. Flynn: Gut issues. Dr. Axe: Yes. Dr. Flynn: Because any time there’s an immediate
reaction within the gut, the body searches for cortisone. Well, cortisol converts into our cortisone. Progesterone converts into our cortisone. So GI inflammation will damage it, leaky gut
will damage it and it will cause so much inflammation. Ladies, it will drain your hormones. So, once again, and then the cool thing about
his bone broth protein is not only is it going to help with leaky gut, but it’s also going
to give us the amino acids and all of the things that we need to actually support with
the cholesterol to be able to do it. So it’s one of our favorite foods, it’s why
we ask our patients take a scoop of it a day. See what I’m saying? Because then you’re covering two aspects. You’re causing one of the causal factors,
but then you’re giving the body the food it needs to actually build up the hormonal levels. I love beets, love beets. Okay? Beets use, for example, should be essential
for actually hormone growth and development. A beet has a lot of methyl groups. Okay? Methyl groups are very important, especially
in cancers. Because what happens is when the estrogens
conform to one form or the other, if they don’t convert properly, certain levels will
start to rise. The methyl groups actually attach them and
convert and rid them out of liver that way. And so that’s why it’s very key. I love beets that way. And then we get to the food again, spirulina
and hemp. Spirulina and hemp, two essential foods that
way. You can get these anywhere, it’s actually
fantastic. So those would be my four top foods, for example,
for people to do it that way. But now obviously is there more? Yes. But those four, if you want to take a step
actually making your hormones in the right direction, wonderful foods to implement in
right away. Dr. Axe: I love it, great advice. One of the things people don’t know about
bone broth, which is one of the things you just mentioned and told everybody, is that
it also contains an amino acid called glycine, which is critical for liver function, and
contains proline and hydroxyproline, critical for gut repair. And one other thing I want to mention here,
I was reading a study this week, Dr. Patrick, that said most us get actually probably too
much muscle meat in our diet and not enough amino acids rich in glycine, and glycine actually
increases life span. Just really incredible looking at its benefits. Let’s talk now about essential oils. By the way, thanks, everybody, who’s sharing
this information on mission with us. We know that this information can help transform
the lives of millions of men and women who are struggling with infertility, women with
PCOS, men with low testosterone. And I’m here with Dr. Patrick Flynn, “The
Hormone Whisperer.” If you want to learn more about him, you can
just do a Google search for “Hormone Whisperer Dr. Patrick Flynn.” And he owns the clinics The Wellness Way and
he’s out of Wisconsin. Dr. Flynn: Green Bay, Wisconsin. Dr. Axe: And has people fly from all over
the world to come see him to get help with hormones. All right, so let’s talk about essential oils. What are your favorite essential oils for
balancing hormones and fertility? Dr. Flynn: Patchouli, number one. Patchouli to me, for example, and even if
you go back in its history, it’s actually known as an endocrine increaser that way. And it’s an adaptogen. So I love patchouli, for example. I love lemon. Lemon is one that we’ve lost because lemon
is so prevalent in our culture that way, we lost the medicinal benefit of it that way
and how amazing it is for us that way. And then thyme. Those three, for example, are probably my
three favorite that way, and actually in that order. Dr. Axe: Love it. Patchouli, lemon and thyme, those three essential
oils. And typically the way that you can use these
oils, now do you recommend topically or internally? Dr. Flynn: Both. See, I’m a big proponent of actually orally. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Dr. Flynn: I am. I know a lot of people [Inaudible 00:36:04]. I like it being diffused. We have diffusers in our offices like crazy. You can actually rub them on your skin, no
doubt. But actually the essential oil, if you’re
looking at an herb, for example, that comes from the root, okay? The oil also comes from a plant, it can be
ingested. And the nice thing is, for example, it’s much
more absorbable here than it is on our skin. And it absorbs well through our skin, but
orally, for example, you get a much quicker. Because there’s neurological receptors in
our oral cavity that way that can create an endocrine response quickly. That’s why I like them to be done orally. Dr. Axe: I love it. One of the things I love here about thyme
oil, as well, it’s a pro-progesterone. Which, actually, men oftentimes are low in
progesterone, too. So, again, great for that. So, guys, we’ve covered a lot of information
here. Just to simplify, I want to walk through a
few final things here, as well. By the way, if you’re not subscribed here
to our live feed, make sure you subscribe here to our channel. We got a lot more great content information
coming out. But a few things just to run down here. As Dr. Patrick talked about, you want to test. In order for you to really find out some of
the root causes of what’s going on, it’s really important to test not just estrogen, there
are multiple types of estrogens that you want to get tested for. Cholesterol is critical for balancing your
hormones. Listen, cholesterol is good. Cholesterol plus protein equals your hormones. If you have low cholesterol, it will harm
or could harm your fertility and your hormones. Get, not conventional eggs, but go to your
farmers’ market. Those bright orange yokes, that’s what you
want. Eggs, avocados, tallow, coconut. Talked about, with mental stress, doing California
poppy along with lavender and things like that to relax the body, some fatty acids. Here are some of the top foods to get: macadamia
nuts, walnuts, flax seeds, and salmon. Exercise. Now this was something, I think, really eye-opening
for a lot of people, Dr. Patrick. That first week of menstruation you want to
do yoga and walking and hiking. You don’t want to really physically exert
yourself. So week one and three you want to rest or
do more yoga and walking outside. Hey, weeks two and four, go for it. It’s weight training, it’s burst training,
it’s exerting yourself more. We talked about getting rid of the toxins,
especially birth control in public water where some of the chemicals are hidden. We talked about all of these nutrients you
need, herbs, foods, essential oils. I know this seems like a lot, but what I would
do is take this information and just write down a plan. Number one piece of advice, change your breakfast,
start doing that superfood smoothie with some bone broth and hemp seeds and spirulina, make
that superfood smoothie every single morning, start incorporating just a few of these things
at a time into your daily schedule. And if you want more help, we’ve got some
great articles on You can look up “Dr. Axe PCOS,” “Dr. Axe hypothyroidism,”
“Dr. Axe infertility.” We have some articles that go in depth on
some of these things. And also, hey, if you want to work with a
practitioner, hey, check out Dr. Patrick Flynn, just Google search “Dr. Patrick Flynn Hormone
Whisperer.” He resides in Wisconsin, but sees people from
all over the world. And, Dr. Patrick, this has been a great training
on hormones. Dr. Flynn: Thanks, man. Appreciate it, doc. Dr. Axe: Loved you having you. And, hey, thanks, guys, for watching live. We’ll be back again here later this week with
some more live trainings.

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