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[ School bell rings,
children cheering and yelling ] Ugh! [ Car alarm blaring and children
all yelling “Trick or treat” ] [ Girl screams, crash ] [ Screaming ] Here! Here, take it!
Just take it! Oh, God!
More 3 Musketeers! We can’t be out!
There has to be more! Jesus Christ! Where’d all
these other people come from?! We have to get more candy than
anyone else, even if we die!

100 thoughts on “Trick-or-Treat

  1. Where i am from trick or treat is not a usual thing but..arent some of the people in this episode a bit to old to go out trick or treating?

  2. Emm.. I'm an Asian and have no idea what Halloween really looks like, so is this what happened in Western community when Halloween?

  3. Halloween is possibly one of the few times in which Kenny is an eagle compared to his cohort no matter how bad your Halloween costume is it still a costume and you can play it off as a joke but some other holidays that economic divide is very obvious I

  4. Funny episode but…why didn't they just cancel their credit cards? Or at least ACKNOWLEDGE that lapse of logic, for comedy's sake.

  5. Man South Park play fortnite
    There is three in front 0:09
    Two more 0:11
    Craig as the Ginger 0:18
    Jimmy as idk the skin 0:20
    Cartmen as the season 4 skin 0:18
    Idk what skin is that for the Valentines 0:33
    Kid dress up as drift 0:38
    Girl dress up as Team Cuddle 0:42
    Stan as the fish idk the full name 0:50 idk the full names of this Fortnite skin

  6. 0:44 I always get that feeling when I try to land at a least crowded location!

    The more I think about it, remember the part where New York City was destroyed? I think NYC was supposed to represent Tilted Towers.

  7. i don't get it is tot or scooters an allegory for how shitty and narcissistic society has become with the youth evermore corrupted? or is there literally a scooter problem plaguing the streets?

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