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Twelve infused water recipes

Twelve infused water recipes

– [Narrator] What’s better than water? Flavor-infused water. Making your own infused
water is, for the most part, calorie free, and is a
refreshing way to stay hydrated. For a delicious cucumber
water, simply add two thinly sliced medium
cucumbers into a pitcher, cover with ice and fill with water. Still want a little more
flavor to your cucumber water? Simply add half a lime, six
or more sprigs of cilantro, and infuse for four to
eight hours, and serve cold. For a sweet orange and
blueberry water, add three mandarin oranges, cut
into wedges, two handfuls of blueberries into a pitcher. Cover with ice, and fill
the pitcher with water. Make sure to let it sit
overnight to infuse. For more unique infused water, fill a pitcher halfway with water. Gentle push into the water
two sliced grapefruits, with the rinds removed,
two sprigs of rosemary, and cover with ice. Add water to fill the pitcher. It’s okay to be generous
with the rosemary, so feel free to experiment. Let it sit overnight in the
refrigerator before serving. This simple recipe only
calls for half a lemon and half a lime, thinly
sliced, and added to a pitcher of water and ice. Thinly slice an orange and
a lemon, tear into small pieces a handful of mint
leaves, add ingredients to a pitcher, cover with
ice, and let sit overnight. Simply add four
quarter-size pieces of fresh peeled ginger root, add in a
cup of fresh or frozen mango, cover with ice and water, and let it sit in the refrigerator one to
three hours before serving. Add half a sliced lemon,
six to eight strawberries, hulled and quartered, and a
handful of basil to a pitcher. Cover with ice and fill with water. Let it infuse for two to
three hours and serve. Four handfuls of thinly
sliced grapes, 20 to 24 basil leaves, a squeeze of
lime and fill with water. Add watermelon and mint to
a pitcher, cover with ice, and fill with water. Let it sit for two to
eight hours and serve. There you have just a few ideas of how to infuse your water and make hydration fun. Think outside of the bottle. (light music)

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