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Vancouver Physiotherapist Christina Wan – Sport & Spinal Injury Rehabilitation

Vancouver Physiotherapist Christina Wan – Sport & Spinal Injury Rehabilitation

What do you like most about being a Physiotherapist? I like that I am able to do an assessment
and pin point what might be causing someone’s discomfort or pain and then from there, being
able to decide with the client what solutions might be beneficial for them to make a long-lasting
impact for their life. Why did you become a Physiotherapist? I became a physical therapist when I realized
that most people, live with some sort of pain in their life. Whether that means they have some of neck
pain from studying or pain from day to day activities, or just knee pain from running. I think that most people are aware of the
traditional medical approach with dealing with pain but not everyone’s aware of the
benefits that physiotherapy has. I want to be a part of that change. Why did you choose to work at INSYNC PHYSIO? Well, first of all I really like that INSYNC
wants to build this bond with the community and the commitment they have with their clients. One of the things that stood out to me was
that INSYNC offers focused one on one treatments, which to me emphasizes that they really do
care about their clients and they want them to get better. I also like that they are onsite and available
at a lot of sports and community events. Aside from helping people who get injured
during these events, they bring awareness to the community as to how physiotherapy can
help. What are your outside interests/ hobbies? I love trying new things, I love eating, I
love finding new places to eat, I love travelling… that’s kind of what I like to do. What is your special interest / focus in treatment
if any? I really like treating necks and backs. The reason why is because I think that everyone
at some point in their life will have some sort of neck and back pain. I think those are the two areas that piqued
my interest and are things that I am passionate about.

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