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Varroa Mite Oxalic Acid Treatment – Beekeeping 101 – GardenFork

Varroa Mite Oxalic Acid Treatment – Beekeeping 101 – GardenFork

24 thoughts on “Varroa Mite Oxalic Acid Treatment – Beekeeping 101 – GardenFork

  1. Eric I have been VERY interested getting into beekeeping but was wondering if you could answer few questions. 1. from having nothing to having a jar of honey how much about does it cost for the first year, then how much does it cost for the 2nd year? (im assuming first year is more expensive because you have to buy all the equipment) 2. Are these hives in your backyard or someplace else? If i had a hive in my backyard will I expect neighbors to come knocking on my door complaining?  Or are they relatively unnoticed and leave people alone as long as they leave the hive alone. 3. Do you need to have special permits and other paperwork for your hive with the agricultural department?

  2. Thanks for passing on the tip for taking care of the Varroa mite. I have been using a pesticide laced strip that sits between the hives but like the sound of the more natural oxalic acid treatment. Are you feeding your bees sugar water through the winter? Or do they have enough honey? Thanks, Kim

  3. What was your winter survival rate with the oxalic acid treatment? were there any hives that you dod not treat? If so how did those fair over the winter.

  4. @GardeFork. was wondering about the bees stores with this treatment. It says after treating don't use the honey. Does that mean extract, or does that mean the bees as well????

  5. Have you tried treatment with Thymol? Im trying it myself this winter after my mentor recommended it. It suppesedly wont affect the queens egglaying as much as oxalic acid.

  6. Good video,but I miss the varroa test before and after treatment, any treatment (ox ac, formic ac, coumaphos, amitraz etc) has some side-effect, I mean they are not free for the colony so if your mite level are below 1-2% treatment could be unnecessary or delayed.
    Keep doing your nice videos, I'm a subcriber.
    Kind regards from a chilean beekeeper
    (Sorry for my english).

  7. how many times a year would you recommend treating with OA? I'll be having my first ever honey harvest soon, I got told by a local beekeeper to treat after the harvest. Cant wait to have some of my own honey!

  8. Dribbling the mixture onto the frames is like rocket science alright, however, it might have been more useful to tell us what exact ratio of OA to water the syrup consists.

  9. I have just one hive but I have two deeps on it. Should I apply 50 ml to each deep or just the bottom brood box. I think I read that you can’t put more than 50 mls in a hive to total. Help please

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