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Waiting for a Kidney | Max’s Journey

Waiting for a Kidney | Max’s Journey

Max was on dialysis for approximately
one year. It essentially was just keeping him alive until we could move forward
with a kidney transplant. Max isn’t just another patient Max is
marvelous maxwell here. He was my two-year-old baby and I didn’t
have any control on how to fix him. We had to rely on the nurses and the
doctors and everybody at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
You couldn’t possibly put in this perspective what what that child has
gone through. That whole dialysis is just a delicate process. He’d have to
stay on his bed for 12 hours hooked up to this machine we’ve heard stories of
you know people for years if not decades
you know remaining on dialysis until they find a viable donor. We were so
thankful that I was a match and that I was gonna be healthy enough to donate my
kidney to Max. I think in general it was probably the longest five hours of my
life sitting out in the waiting room when they came out and told us that
everything went well it’s like, it’s like winning the lottery.
They saved our little boy’s life and without the nephrology department
here we don’t know if we would have our baby. We want to be able to support the
hospital so that other families can have that as well and get their babies better.
For kids like max for other children in the future I think the passion around
the hospital is more about what can we do to help advance medicine what can we
do really to have people understand the quality of care here in Columbus. We
wanted so bad for things to go well for him and they did.

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