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What are the steps of root canal treatment?

What are the steps of root canal treatment?

After a thorough examination and an x-ray
and on some occasions possibly even a cone beam CT scan, the tooth is numbed using a
local anaesthetic solution. This is going to make treatment more comfortable for the
patient and supplementary anaesthesia may be required for the gums around tooth area.
Once the tooth has been fully numb, a rubber sheet or vinyl sheet is usually placed over
the tooth. This is to make sure that the tooth is as sterile as possible. As saliva is full
of bacteria and we do not want root canals to be infected where possible. This is also
makes it much easier for the patient to tolerate treatment. There’ll be no water in the back
of his throat, and we can actually make treatment easier for the dentist as well and more efficient.
Once this has been placed, a small hole is made at the top surface of the tooth. This
is to allow access to the pulp so that the inside of the root canal system can then be
thoroughly cleaned out. This is washed out with disinfectant solutions and very fine
and delicate instruments with using a hand and rotary are used to clean and shape the
inside of the root canal. After further disinfectant, the root canals are then sealed either with
a rubber-based material or a lot of more modern materials that are available that the dentist
may find suitable at that time.

34 thoughts on “What are the steps of root canal treatment?

  1. i will be geting one bc the cavity is to deep for a filling well… i got a filling before i guess it was not in the right spot when i realized that it was to late now the cavity is deeper after the bite adjustment so i have to wait for 1-2 weeks to see if it gets better (it hasnt) before i actually need it (which i probably will)

  2. Root Canals do not hurt just got one yesterday 😂 the hardest part is keeping your mouth open that shit is tiring 💀

  3. Hm … had one two hours ago, replacing one I had done thirty years ago. No problem. Anaesthetic wore off pretty quickly so I took some paracetamol. Had lunch and took the dogs round. No pain for me. Lots of X-rays during the procedure and lots of equipment in my mouth. Took around 20 minutes??? Don’t be afraid. I’m just thankful we live in an age where dentistry is less frightening and more painless.

  4. Never go to daya hospital Thrissur …all dentists are fraud..fkin fraud espe.,Mallika the bitch

  5. I just got out of my root canal. And honestly don’t be worried! The most painful part is the numbing. And that doesn’t hurt almost at all! It will be a while but I was honestly completely comfortable the whole time! It’s just the noises you have to get used to.
    Oh, and I’m only 13. If I can do it so can you!

  6. I had one about a month ago in one of my tooth, now I have another one and I'm refusing to go do it cuz of how painful it is , its literly the worst pain I've ever experienced , the dentist literly numbed me like 8 times cuz it's so painful and I couldn't take it . And I honestly dont give a Damn fuck to my teeth , I will literally do anything but not a root canal . If I dont find a dentist that can make me like fully numbed ( like my body or something ) I wont do it . And I dont know what is going to happen to my teeth that is infected to the root , I'll have to find out I guess .

  7. Not sure what kind of dentists these people who say root canals are extremely painful have. I’ve had a few root canals done and none of them hurt. The most painful part is the fact your mouth is propped wide open and it makes your jaw sore. All you feel is pressure and poking around, there is no sharp pain if the dentist does it right. Just request more novocaine if you need it; two injections helped me last the procedure. Also bring earplugs/music and close your eyes like you’re napping. They’re not scary as they seem! Hope this helped someone’s anxiety 💜

  8. The procedure its self should be okay as long as you’re properly numbed. I had several jags to numb me and i was fine. The sore bit is afterwards for about 1-2 weeks with the inflammation. (Swollen and irritated gums after treatment.) i hate the dentist with a passion and managed 2 root canals.

  9. I got one done and it did hurt so the doctor numbed me up and after it didn’t hurt but now that the whole numbing thing is gone it fucking hurts orajel doesn’t even help and some reason under my chin hurts too hurts when I swallow so I hope the doctor didn’t mess up 🙃

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