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What is Social Anxiety Disorder? Mental Health Help with Kati Morton treatment scared school

What is Social Anxiety Disorder? Mental Health Help with Kati Morton treatment scared school

Hey everybody! Today’s video is about Social Anxiety Disorder. What is it? And how do we overcome it? So stay tuned. So like I said in today’s video I’m gonna talk to you about Social Anxiety Many of you reached out to me and said this is something you struggle with and you want to know how to overcome it. Now for some of you who don’t know what Social Anxiety Disorder is or what used to be called ‘social phobia’, it is when we have such an intense fear of social situations because we fear that we’ll be scrutinized in one way or another. We could think that people are going to be mean to us because we act anxious or do things that might be embarrassing, and we fear that people are going to laugh at us, they’re going to point at us and laugh at us, they’re going to make us feel bad about it, they’re going to say mean things, we have such a fear of that happening that often times we don’t go out with people, we don’t leave our homes, we don’t want to be in any social situations, because who wants to be scrutinized? Right? So that’s what Social Anxiety is, and I know many of you have told me that you struggle with it, so once we know we have it, and in order to know we have it we have to see a professional, we have to be properly diagnosed because sometimes what we think we’re struggling with and what a professional will know can be two different things. So, we go see someone and they’re like you’re really struggling with Social Anxiety, now what? The best therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder is CBT therapy. Now I have a video on CBT that I did a while ago so if you would like to watch that and check that out you can click here. CBT works the best because the main goal of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT therapy is to correct our faulty thinking. And you’re thinking what the heck does that mean? But our extreme fear of being scrutinized in public is kind of a ‘faulty thinking’. Its something that we’ve created in our brain and we’re afraid is going to happen but we actually may not have any evidence to support this belief, if that makes sense. So CBT works to correct those faulty thinking patterns, and thats why it’s the most helpful. Okay so we’re in CBT therapy, well then what do we do? And what do they do when we’re in CBT therapy? Now something that really, really works for any type of phobia, like I said this used to be called social phobia, for any phobia we do whats called progressive de-sensitization. Now progressive de-sensitization means kind of how it sounds, we’re going to put ourselves, progressively, into situations that may be anxiety provoking, and we’re going to reduce our anxiety, that de-sensitization, right, we’re going to stop feeling the way that we used to feel. Now this takes a lot of time, and a lot of work, but it can be so rewarding. So, really how it works, is lets say I’m just starting progressive de-sensitization with my CBT therapist, and I go in and I say ‘I have such bad social anxiety, I just can’t deal with it’ and she says ‘Well we’re going to do this thing together so close your eyes and imagine to me that you’re walking to a party with maybe 4 of your closest friends, now how anxious do you feel?’ And I’ll say ‘Well, maybe a 5, 6’ and as I think about it I start to breath a lot, my heart starts to beat really rapidly and I’m getting to like a 7. So she goes ‘Okay, open your eyes, you’re back with me, it’s okay.’ Now, what we’ll do from there is try to calm ourselves down and we try to imagine again. And then we’ll actually put ourselves in real situations in real life, and calm down from there. So what we’re really doing, is putting ourselves in anxiety provoking situations, and then giving ourselves time to calm down. Then doing it again, and calming down. So at some point in the near future, we’ll go into those situations that used to be extremely anxiety provoking and put us to like a 10 and maybe have a panic attack and we’ll be fine, because we can manage it, because we’ve been practicing calming ourselves down. And that, honestly is the key to working through ANY phobia whether its social phobia or any other thing that you’re really afraid of and you worry about and it makes you really anxious, it helps immensely. So thats the number 1 treatment regiment for people who struggle with this, and a part of that, the next component I want to talk about, and the last part of this, is relaxation techniques. I know I’ve talked about those a lot in the past, anything involving an anxiety disorder, or any kind of extreme anxiety or fear that we have, learning how to progressively relax ourselves can be so helpful. So every time we go into those situations socially, or whether we’re just imagining it, we’re going to bring our anxiety levels down by relaxing ourselves. And I have some videos on relaxation techniques where there’s breathing techniques, there’s one I’ve talked about before but I haven’t done a video on it where you like flex muscles and relax them and flex them and relax then all through your body to do a slow progressive relaxation. So that can help us when we’re practicing de-sensitizing ourselves and it can help us bring our anxiety level back down. So I would encourage all of you out there, if you have gone through this or if you’re struggling, please please please find help, know that you can overcome it. There are people out there who can help, there are wonderful techniques, that can really help us overcome this. And if any of you have gone through this before, and you found tips and tricks and things that help, can you let us know below, because we’re a community working together right? I’m helping you as much as I can, and you’re helping one another, as we work together towards a Healthy Mind, and a Healthy Body. Hey everybody! Today’s topic is general – no that’s not what today’s topic is… Hey every-bay! … What? That’s not even a word! This is what happens when you do things too much.. Subtitles by the community

100 thoughts on “What is Social Anxiety Disorder? Mental Health Help with Kati Morton treatment scared school

  1. I really like the generosity of your spirit, doing all these videos!
    (My only critique is I found the addition of the slight music toward the end aggravating to try and filter out. Your videos are good without it) (I may seem too sensitive by saying it, but I'll risk it)
    Keep up the great work!

  2. I have social anxiety but idc what people think like you said I just get anxiety ? My anxiety happens for no reason all the time and it's so annoying idk

  3. Message for people with social anxiety too anxious to seek out help: It was VERY hard for me to get help about my social anxiety. I was so hesitant that I was driven into a year of depression and suicidal thoughts. This is what caused my mom to take me to the doctor and get me diagnosed. Believe me when I tell you that the brief anxiety you feel about talking to your parents is way better than living with untreated anxiety and having it slowly take over you.

  4. "Progressive De-Sensitization: Putting ourselves in anxiety provoking situations, and then giving ourselves time to calm down, and then doing it again, and calming down. So at some point in the near future, we'll go into those situations that used to be extremely anxiety provoking and put us to like a 10, maybe have a panic attack, and we'll be fine! because we can manage it, because we've been practicing calming ourselves down, and that honestly is the key to working through any phobia, whether social phobia or any other thing that you're really afraid of and you're worried about and it makes you really anxious, it helps immensely."

  5. I struggle with anxiety pretty much every day of my life, my mom calling my name, or my phone buzzing makes me feel like im having a heart attack. Ive been dealing with this for the past 2 years, but more severely this last year. I have stopped doing the things i enjoyed like hanging out with friends, going to public places with family, phone calls, and even online games. I really want to tell my mom about it, but the issue is, she dosent belive in mental disorders, she says they are only more reasons to drug people up, and to make it worse she dosent favour me that much 🙂 she likes my older brother much more.

  6. Quick question what is the difference between normal anxiety, shyness, and social anxiety?i have anxiety but can I also have Social Anxiety?

  7. I wished that people who are not qualified to talk about social phobia and the like would shut up and not make videos so that we wouldn't have to filter through their rambling and uneducated information.
    Thank you for your videos and channel Kati. You are the real deal

  8. I have had SAD all my life but only found about the condition had a name about12 months ago before which I'd been battling with it myself for the previous years. Prior to that I would never socialize and avoid any family or public event if at all possible. I thought maybe I'm an introvert but tests I've done show I'm 50/50 introvert/extrovert. I've had six months therapy, tried going out to clubs and coffee shops on my own but find it uncomfortable and boring on my own. And despite all my efforts I have no friends, only see people in my part time job as I live alone and I've isolated myself from what little family I still have. My biggest issue from day one that all my effort has had no effect on is talking to people and any self worth. Very very low motivation. I don't know if that's something else rather than social anxiety and it is that which causes my social anxiety. Also through all this I've learned to never expect others who don't suffer with SAD to have any understanding of it. Don't waste your life away like I have. Do anything to fight it. Even if it's buying a book just to gain knowledge and chip away at the edges of your illness. It will make you stronger over time to take more action.

  9. Im so anxious about social situations that I can't even talk to a therapist. I went once and I just pretty much sat there quiet and totally locked up. Didn't helt much and gave me even more anxiety.

  10. I remember when I went to a party when I was 17 and was sitting there and observing like I always do, and people just came up to me like "why don't you talk to people, you're so weird, you look good but you're so "anti-social" (which is the wrong word for introvert)". I've heard stuff like that many time, just really mean and unnecessary comments. I like to be alone because I don't need bullshit like that. I don't know about social anxiety but accepting that you're an introvert really changes your life. I'm glad I'm not actually mentally ill but yea it hasn't been easy.

  11. ok so i don't know if i have an actual social anxiety disorder or not ok so say i go to a party im fine im cool i don't really get that nervous but when someone actually walks up to me my anxiety spikes and my hands get shaky and my thoughts don't quite make it out of my mouth without studdering. at school, i get really bad anxiety where i can't really focus cause i'm so worried that the teacher will pick me or something similar. at school, i can just be sitting in class working but my hands are really shakey cause i'm constantly worried about what could go wrong. when I have to present something I don't really breath, I shudder, shake and am usally at the brink of passing out. I hate being in groups working on something cause i always feel i'm not smart and eveyone thinks im dumb and even if i know something i wont say it for the fear of being judged and ritculed. the not talking thing is just how i am i observe but don't talk cause I think people are going to judge me for my opinions on things. so i just don't talk.most of the time in social situations i feel as if im stuck in my own head and there is no way to get out.some of my anxiety is caused by uncertainty like i was uncertain if they would let me order this specific drink at Starbucks and it took me 15 minutes just to work up enough courage to go ask.I over analize everything. when i talk to people or in any soical situation i'll look back on it and pick threw it. luckely i have gotten passed most of that but it still happens. randomly i'll remember something embarrassing and shudder and my natural reaction is literally digging my nails into my skin or if im holding a pencil or something push it into my leg. I don't even have any conscious thought about it, it just kinda happens! ugh! when in stressful situations i usually shake,studder, have old and hot flashes, and tend to be unable to focus,sometimes i can't really process what people are saying, and on the rare occasion it;s as if I'm seeing things in slow moition, but do i have social anxiety disorder or something eles! help! it's not like i'll avoid plans or cancel with friends. how could I? i honestly would hate myself if i did i'd feel terrible i don't avoid or going out cause i generally like parties and dancing just not the talking part. but i always need time alone to recharge if i come home from school i go straight to my room to be alone. if im at a friends house i need to be alone afterwards. it feels like i haven't slept in weeks after social events. im extreamly warn out. and grouchy. any idea what is happening to me?

  12. What about people who have had social anxiety in the past, but feel that they are ok now? Do they need to see a therapist still?

  13. Katie, thank you so much for this information. I, like many struggle with social anxiety which stinks because I enjoy talking to people and performing music for an audience. My problem is that I can fake seeming relaxed but things get complicated as I am a blusher. Yes I blush when I feel the eyes of an audience, one or two people or one hundred. After years or reading and some therapy I feel that CBT seems like the way to go. Thank you for clarifying that it is the way we think of situations that create our reality. The desensitizing over time is a great idea as well. Time for me to finally get to work. Thanks again.

  14. I've developed pretty bad social anxiety a few years ago. I deconstructed it slowly and now it is super rare that I feel anxious in social settings! I can be myself and bond with people!

    For me, the way out was really to decide that I was beating it and expose myself gradually. I would see it just like physical training (it's uncomfortable now, but I do it to feel better tomorrow). Even if people give you weird looks or unpleasant comments, YOU know what you are doing 🙂

    If you tackle this, it will get better 🙂

  15. This is like telling someone with diabetes to just concentrate really really hard not to have it. This is useless UNLESS you are seeing a psychiatrist as well to be on meds if you have extreme social anxiety.

  16. I used to be afraid that people would think I'm a freak, but now I mostly get anxiety around not having anything to say, or how to exit the conversation ASAP. I'm afraid I'll seem disinterested… Except I AM disinterested, I couldn't be MORE disinterested in 99% of my social interactions. Generally, I have nothing to add to a conversation because I don't care, and I have 100 things I'd rather be doing, and that's where my mind is.

    I can force myself to confront social situations that scare me, and I have, but what is the point of confronting social situations that bore me? Just to keep up appearances I suppose.

    Am I broken socially, as in I never developed a taste for socializing due to how long it took to just get over the anxiety?

  17. When I was younger, the only thing that would give me more anxiety than socializing, was seeming anxious. So I learned how to suppress any sign of emotion. In front of other people, I feel nothing. Alone, I can feel pretty intensely. And this switches on and off like a light if someone walks in or out of the room.

  18. After 4 years of social anxiety, I have finally made an appointment with a Psychologist to get rid of it! Super excited

  19. For me it'S less a social anxiety disorder and more a "my friends go party without me but tell me that they go party in my face" disorder…

  20. Not sure if I actually have it but groups and all are a lot. I have sertaline-Zoloft. And adult add-adhd with generic salts-adderall. Sometimes I think it’s overkill since I’m almost too anxious and talkative now.

  21. Ok here are my few cents. First, I've been diagnosed with social anxiety. Second, I agree that exposure therapy works for most phobias. However, I find it doesn't for my SA. The key for exposure therapy, at least in my opinion, is that we know that the fear one feels is irrational, ie when someone is afraid to go on an elevator because it might fall. Right, so we gradually expose that person to the elevator with the end goal of riding the elevator by themselves. The key here is that the elevator doesn't actually fall. If it did, it would validate the fears and the therapy wouldn't work. Now, with my social anxiety, the elevator does fall quite often. What I mean is, that from time to time I muster enough strength to go out and expose myself, but all of my fears come true, which in turn reinforces my belief that being social is something to be feared and is not desirable. My therapist struggles with that and doesn't have proper arguments. Any ideas are welcome…

  22. The way that I have found best effective is owning a pet….any pet….I own two turtles….3 fish…and a dog….I sit and talk with my animals to help my illness when I feel anxious….to me…it’s the best therapy because they help me take my mind off of things…they make great listeners too!

  23. Hallo Kati, thank you for your videos! I looked for CBT in the past, for my social anxiety, it looks like it doesn't exist here in Italy. Incredible! Sooner or later it will arrive here too! 🙂

  24. Hi kati Morton, I need your help in overcoming social anxiety, but I'm from Nigeria, I haven't gotten what I need here, please help

  25. What are some ways to completely erased your social anxiety? I read a lot of good opinions on the internet about how exactly Atoractove Secrets can help you completely eliminated your anxiety. Has anybody tested out this popular social anxiety methods?

  26. I dont know what is the diagnosis of my case but idont not always have social fear i mean sometimes i've been very excited to go to social ocasions such as weddings,party ….etc but thats according to my mental status is that normal?

  27. Xd legit imagine yourself going out on the street in front of your house and like there is almost no one in the street and you start to cut the bush with and electirc cuter idn how you say that thing but you do that and you feal like everyone is looking at you like bad 5-7 idn why , you doing everything right no mistakes but you feal like that so yea

  28. Nothing therapist or doctors had to offer helped me with communicating, not cbt, not meds. I’ve forced myself thousands of times to attempt to be social but I just hardly ever can even talk coherently or say something properly or eloquently because my brain does not form thoughts properly so I end up attempting to talk but only getting a couple words in before I can’t figure out how to continue, so I just pause with a dumb and confused look on my face until I finally find the word or end of what I was trying to say. Of course people instantly start to treat me different and kind of pity me. It’s so painfully debilitating and it’s sad because I understand a lot and can “know” things but I can’t do anything with that understanding because I can’t consistently and reliably form it into something relatable. I was told from doctors since I was 9 that it’s depression and anxiety caused but no 25 years of dealing with this brain has shown me that it’s the reverse. My anxiety and depression come from this “cognitive impairment” that I’ve mentioned, if my brain worked properly then I wouldn’t be anxious or depressed. I feel like a lot of people that are “diagnosed” with these , either knowingly or not have the same thing going on as me


  30. Started CBT 3 months ago and medication 2 months ago and I’ve improved so much, I’ve realised how delusional my view towards myself was and how destructive it was. I’ve still got a long way to go but at least now I feel I’m equipped with the tools to deal with situations a lot better.

  31. I have such bad social anxiety that I don't like going out and if I do I usually go to places in and out quickly cause I have an anxiety attack to the point that I cry in public cause I feel like everybody is judging me and doesn't like me and it is as though I can hear their thoughts and they hate me even though they are treating me nice. I distance myself so much and only talk over text to two people out of everybody from church cause even at church I cry surrounded by a lot of people. I know they love me but all my thoughts and anxiety tells me no one likes me or they hate me. What I do is that I read a lot of encouraging books or watch encouraging videos or movies, or listen to encouraging music and sing along to calm down once I'm alone.

  32. I have social anxiety disorder,and when I'm nervous i have this weird feeling of urge to smile…d more im anxious my urge of smiling also increased..pls help,why i feeling this.thank you..✌

  33. I was in therapy for social anxiety last year but I stopped going. It was always described to me as being a fear social embarrassment, but I never really related to that. Sure, I don't want to be embarrassed but the main reason I worry about social interaction and talking is having nothing to say and being bad at keeping a conversation going. I'm very reserved, when I'm not it's around people I'm comfortable with and that's mostly because my sense of humour can easily be misinterpreted and I don't know where I stand with new people. I was talking to a friend the other day and they said I was really sensitive because I once said "if you don't like goldfish you don't like me", but that was a joke and they had been terrified to say something that might offend me for like a year, lol. But yeah, I'm just more worried about what the other person is feeling I guess? So I don't want to be me or express myself because it will affect the other person. Can this be called social anxiety?

  34. I have social phobia and I didn't know it since I got diagnosed about 2 years ago. It helped me to know that I can get better to cope with it by learning. Sometimes I throw myself into fearful situations and it helps so much. I never wanted to make a presentation at school because the fear was unbelievable. Nowadays I want to be the first. Yes I have always fear of it but you learn how to handle it and how to overcome this bad thoughts that tell you that everyone is judging you. It will get better I promise you 😘

  35. Hi Kati!
    Could you please make a video about "How to deal with embarrassment/ embarrassing situations". Or maybe just situations that we think were extremely embarrassing and keep thinking about it for a long time. I don't know if that is a symptom of a specific disorder.

  36. a problem i have is i don't like people because they way people treat me so i just sit inside in my room and game almost a full day and use my laptop so i can just escape people and escape reality is that some sort of disorder

  37. You are afraid of being scrutinized so you go to a therapist to get scrutinized? Secondly, people with social anxiety have a very hard time expressing themselves and therapists read the persons comments falsely.
    It's like being claustrophobic. You can tell yourself that elevator is not going to hurt you all you want….. Still claustrophobic!
    When you sit on the toilet for 2 hours with a bucket in front of you, craping and puking. When your body is wrecked with so much pain in muscle spasms that you can't move. When you wake up with your face and hands covered in blood and bruises and don't know what happened. What do you do with that?
    I did the change your thinking thing. It didn't work. Works for some people maybe, But I'm on my seven acers alone with my gardens and chickens. It's peaceful and mostly stress free. I go talk to the neighbor when he's outside working sometimes.

  38. I have a social anxiety and I'm in slow death 😟…….. I want to change my life …I want to live in another country I am from Morocco in north Africa i wanna leave my city to start a new life in love and peace this is my dream …. I am 22 years old but the problem is that I don't have the money to travel …My father is dead and my family poor ….is a very difficult life and I wanna change my life for the better but I don't know what I will do……….😑😓

  39. im pretty sure i have social anxiety but i was never actually diagnosed with it (bc im too scared to go to a therapist bc of my social anxiety) but i do get anxiety in social situations and panic attacks but i think that im a lot better than i once was bc my anxiety attacks are mot as serious as they once were. those methods she said to overcome social anxiety really work, u have to basically face your fear and it will not be as bad but i just had a lot of experiences facing my fears at school through presentations, group work, walking past large crowds, etc

  40. I definitely struggle with this disorder. I physically cannot socialize and i do not have a single friend other than my girlfriend(She lives across the world and it is a long distance relationship) Who i talk to whenever possible. I think i can talk to my girlfriend as well as i do because its over the phone and not in the real world. I go through the day at school feeling very sad and lonely so that i feel drained by the end of the day. My only safe haven from my troubles is video games and talking to my girlfriend. Doing these things are the only activities that block out my depression.

  41. I have social anxiety and panic disorder, but I’m not shy and i never appear to be anxious either, but on the inside I’m panicky or high anxiety unless I’m around people I’m comfortable with. Why is it that i have this but i don’t appear to have it on the outside? Its a good thing but when i have to tell someone about my anxiety they think I’m just making it up i feel.

  42. I think I have social anxiety. I’m 14 and I feel like I’ve had this all my life. In nursery my teachers thought I had mutism but I didn’t. I tried to tell my family but they won’t listen and just make fun of me. I don’t know what to do about it.

  43. Q – What do we call one human?
    A – A person.

    Q – What do we call two humans?
    A – Two people.

    Q – What do we call more than three humans?
    A – A "no, thanks". 👌💀😷
    Social Anxiety – You called? 😎

  44. So a boy in my class is like always quiet in class when I look it him I can tell he have social anxiety so I made a secret account in instagram so he can talk in this account about how he feel to me he dosent know who he is talking to so far very good he is talking to me how he feels everytime in class and how bad his vocation went I do belive social anxiety makes people want to throw up cuz he wanted to throw up many times and his stomach always hurts him I hope I can help him

  45. When you think you have social anxiety but you don’t tell anyone or see a therapist because what you think is social anxiety is that bad

  46. I think I have this but I don't want to get help because the thought of talking in front of people without being scared drives me crazy and makes me nervous because I'm afraid they will all be judging me. I can't even cough in class because I'm too afraid of people judging. I can't speak in front of people or anything like that.

  47. I mean the only way to get rid of it is to overcome are fears… Things that scare us we have to face them. I know is gonna be hard but… Only way..

  48. Being humble and demure is the key to treating social anxiety imo. It's okay to feel scared bit also it's okay to feel happy when the motive to be with others is a subjective good one. Humans think and judge for a reason so it's okay to have anixous tendencies and beliefs. When we don't want to approach people I believe to treat this want is to push that wanting aside and to approach people and say "hello" with eye contact face to face to somebody you don't know and a compliment and a more comfortable interaction with people falls into place. Just my opinion. I'm not a doctor but a social anxious adult doer and observer fyi. Help is always here for those who feel there is a problem. -Sal

  49. I have so many mental health issues but luckily not this one! But I do have a similar thing! Since three years ago on Silvester, so many women got raped in a huge crowd of people, I am not able to be in the crowd of hundreds and hundreds of people anymore! I have been raped,too in the past. But as far as everyday life situations go, I am still okay!

  50. Just by thinking about CBT gives me a panic attack. I'm pretty aure this stems from an experience I had when I was younger when they were putting me through tests to see my diagnosis. They put me in social situations and made me try and speak in front of an audience. What ended up happening is that I started to hipperventalate and I started to cry out of frustration. I never finished those tests. Another one was when I was with my therapisy while there was another child who was wayy younger than me in the room. The therapist said to play with the little girl and I repeatedly said no as he tried to bribe me into it. He even offered me 100 dollars and I didn't do it because of fear of socializing. Right now I have no therapy at all and thinking about getting one makes me freak out. I've started my own journal to calm myself down when I think back about humilating times and I've started to talk and open myself to other people so I'm slitly inproving myself slowly.

  51. This year I decided to keep going to public school after my really awesome first ever not homeschool shut down after one semester which gave me sever depression that hasn't stopped even know edit: *now (sorry) months later, and now in my new school I'm getting really bullied which has given me social anxiety. HELP!!!!

  52. My biggest thing is family members. With strangers, I’m honestly fine. It’s more about family members or friends of friends, people that are close but not that close. I feel like everyone hates me.

  53. It’s a good and informative video…it helps me to know about lot of things on it… Good job bro…👍👍

  54. I have social anxiety when it comes to school. Im just the lone wolf. I isolate myself from other ppl. I only have 4 girl best friends and just those 4. I guess it gets worse since I'm gonna see a lot of new people in my freshman year. Hopefully things will turn out fine

  55. i’m crying rn, i hate my school. all my old friends have new ones. everyone hates me. i feel like vomiting. it’s all the time everyday. i want help. but i can’t ask. what if they think i’m lying. i feel like im dying.

  56. My anxiety is so bad that today I got anxiety by standing up and getting paper from my teacher

    I'm 15 it's so hard making friends and I feel like one of my best friends has given up on me she found someone else who is social and great and it's just so hard you know I'm bad at conversation no one know my name in higschool and ice been there for 4 years

  57. they laughed at me, they think I am shit and have no balls, they ridiculed me they broke up with me and ditched me then accused me of cheating on them not having interacted with me in over a year…..
    This is social anxiety of those overhuman

  58. I've tried these things for 38 years and they don't work for me. So now I'm old and how am I supposed to meet a young beautiful kind-hearted girl at my age? Also I get nervous and stare unintentionally and over and over again people see me like that and misinterpret it for agression and become alarmed. What can be done about this? I feel there is no hope. Medication always gives me too many side affects and the side affects sometimes last 2 to 3 years after stopping them and the anti depressants don't relieve the depression for me for very long or usually not at all. Same with anti anxiety meds.

  59. I can relate to all of this but I don’t want to diagnose myself cuz I don’t want to be that girl that complains all the time about how bad thier life is..

  60. There are a few factors in reducing shyness naturally . One place I discovered that successfully combines these is the Seans Shy Program (check it out on google) it's the best blueprint i've seen. Check out all the super info .

  61. it is so strange i got this later in my life, i use to be the person who gathered a group of 60 people every day now i cant stand anyone 😳

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