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Which Would You Choose – A or B? | Full Mouth Prosthesis

Which Would You Choose – A or B? | Full Mouth Prosthesis

Hi this is Luke from LSK121 Syton 7 Star cases which is top of the line
expensive German milling machine I’m using DATRON D5, which is an absolutely
great milling strategy as well too, with hyperdent all ceramic, it’s not involve any composite,
any acrylic I love the naturalism better than diamond I’m very fortunate a lot of dentists send
me their big case, concern cases I usually work to 10 or 11 hours everyday
no hobby, this is my hobby Thanks for watching, coming up! today’s I’d like to explain to you what is the world’s best full-mouth implant
prosthetics Ok, this is the beautiful 7 Star cases, which
is Syton 7 Star and a lot of people question, a lot of people
questioning regarding the full mouth case what is different 7 Star cases for this implant? Number one you can do, this kind of implant
you can make the screw retained denture, with the full-mouth
you can do screw-retained zirconia so this case, so we fabricate it
which is called 7 star cases, which mean individual looking
all individual, one set, so patient can floss, but there is no margin actually
but you see the margin integrity we made the LiSi Kosmic Press on top of this individual, right so basically, we made the frame design
and then scan and design, and then we put the pink porcelain and opaque
and then we made it another LiSi Kosmic Press over there, right
so why, why this is like that? Because this is we can make the extremely
hygiene underneath and much lighter than zirconia and uh patient
can floss and um, tooth has the mobility in between
the implant side, so you don’t have to worry about it, the
fracture line especially implant has a different diversion
or sticking out, whatever so we have the good ti-base
which is not ti-base, this is one body, this is frame work
with hybrid mill, and then we opaque so, it’s almost titan this
it’s titan, it’s never break it, alright so top of that with this, and then we cement
together and then doctor get one piece of the all full-mouth
prosthetics this is top of the line
which is world best which not many people do
do you know why? it’s because hybrid frame work is hard to do in their side
I know a lot of people made the bar with the Pekkton materials
any kind of, that is good too but this is the machine, probably $300,000
machine then we can make this
now, how, what about the procedure? Well you can do from the analog impression,
that start you can do Or you can verify, and uh
with a verification jig already in doctor’s side
with a temporary cylinder with verification jig, bite block, and wax try-in
it’s like that so looks like patients love it, this one
so doctor gave us this articulation actually he articulate it
which is thank you, and um so here is bite, this is it
so now he wants us, he send to us this is cross-mounting
that’s good and then, we duplicated this
so we have the pin, duplicate it and then after we duplicate it
I prep it looks like tooth, for the frame design
so my technician can scanning you see the hole, the retention
so we have a lot of retention here that’s good
and then they scanning, they made hybrid bar from here
so here we check this you see? It’s extremely imperative the contact, and
then specific design for those area, make the enough clearance
how many millimeter? At least 4 millimeter. Why? It’s not 2 mm, because we have to see the
gap and those kind of things
so we have to consider it so we have a scanning
so we have just like that, opaque both sides you make the core and then after that we finish this now this is the best for our patient
So I call it Syton 7 Star case and um, like i said longevity
and then cleansibility and um, titan, and a one put individual floss
and flexibility, and then when they have a problem of the tooth
and they can prep it, so they can send to us and then we can remake only one tooth, make sense? or 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 see so we’ll cement it
ok, cement we have to watch out the cementation color let’s say, this is the B3 base color and we put it in
the opaque so we’re going to using A1 then we’ll
made matching otherwise we you will get discoloration, so
watch out when you do clear whatever
so I wanna go to a little lighter opaque color this is final
I’m so glad And then I show them, this is kind of jewelry
and it’s very expensive jewelry and then we can, you know, support our patient
and then patient can get this final aesthetic and also this is all ceramic
so you don’t get any stain, even get stain well depends on the patient
patient did not brush it, yeah we get stain but when they brush it, and stain is gone
it’s not like the acrylic, this is ceramic this is emphasize it, flexibility, individualize-looking
and look at the ZEN anatomy, the piece of jewelry
it’s better than big diamond. Alright, thanks for watching.

29 thoughts on “Which Would You Choose – A or B? | Full Mouth Prosthesis

  1. Can I get you to make me a upper denture? Do you do that? Like Russell Klein dentures. Love your work would love to have you make me a new upper. I don’t have implants. Just a denture.

  2. you can get all your teeth pulled in one day but at least 4 months to heal and what if you need bone grafting? your front teeth will not feel natural as you are biting into food and that sucks. this will cost you, I am guessing, about $20K. Do your homework, kids, because he is not telling you the whole story.

  3. Why do all these videos show the lower? I’m having the upper done. 6 implants full upper . Just had the gums exposed 6 months after the implants. It’s been 2 weeks and my gums where the implants are they are sore. Will this go away? I’m not gettin the snap in kind they will be permanent. In a week I’ll be getting my impressions done.

  4. I petrified and do not trust, nothing tells about nerve in lower parts can be paralyzing face and pain will never end…and all cost of money. Instruction simple almost every one dentist makes money…Looks the same….caries must to made root canal than the crown and lost teeth.

  5. I don't understand why this video exists. There is no contract information. Their website is the same. So they make false teeth. So do hundreds of other labs that work directly with specialized dentists…

  6. I assuming the price he is quoting is for his product only. Doesn't include the dentist fees or the price for putting the implants in. He does beautiful work and you can see he loves his work.

  7. I was thinking about getting dental implants…but I'm worried will the screws ever rot out in your mouth…that is one of my concerns besides the pain. How long would you have to wait to eat some real food?

  8. If you need this to make your life better to enjoy the rest of it and you've been suffering for a long time. It really doesn't matter if it's A or B. Thank you for giving me hope that there are ways to solve one of my problems.

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