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Wright’s Test | Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Hi and welcome back to Physiotutors I’m Kai and today I would like to show you the Wright ‘s test which is also known as the Hyperabduction test which is also another test on Thoracic Outlet Syndrome There’s a lot of different descriptions about the performance of the Wright’s test which is why we don’t find it reliable to give you guys numbers on statistical value. So lets start. The Wright’s test is performed in two steps. In the 1st step bring your patients shoulder into 90 degrees of abduction, externally rotate and flex the elbow to 90 degrees as well. In this way you are stretching the pectoralis minor tendon and which the brachialis plexus is passing through. For this test to be positive again look for radial pulse evolution and for the reproduction of symptoms. In the 2nd step you are hyperabducting the shoulder and in this way you are compressing costoclavicular space. For this test to be positive it is again the same that you are looking for radial pulse evolution and symptom reproduction. OK, this was the test of Wright I hope this video was helpful to you Please make sure to check out our other videos on Thoracic Outlet Syndrome See you next time Bye

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